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In January, New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands Stephanie Garcia Richard signed an executive order banning hunting contest-related activities on nine million acres of state trust land. Bills to ban coyote contests are working their way through at least six state legislatures, including New Mexico.
In Arizona, large swaths of national forests and state trust land have been closed since before Memorial Day.
Under the PPA, the company can now begin construction on the 50MW solar power plant on State Trust Land of about 500 acres at Macho Springs, near Deming in Luna County and provide El Paso Electric Power Company (NYSE:EE) with solar energy for 25 years.
static nature of state trust land management raises concerns as to
The spearhead was discovered during a routine archaeological survey on Arizona State Trust land by an environmental consulting company, according to Steve Ross, an archaeologist with the State Land Department.
The initiative's goal was to conserve and protect approximately 580,000 acres of Arizona land as well as raise more money for education through more efficient sale or lease of the remaining state trust land. Unfortunately, the act did not make last November's ballot because of an insufficient number of verifiable signatures.
While not disputing the damage done by large groups of people walking cross-country, Border Action Network notes that much of the land on which ranchers operate is actually state trust land, and the very narrow definition of "trespassing" in the statute covering such property does not include people simply walking there.
* Roughly half of the lots face state trust land rising into the Superstition Mountain foothills or the golf course.
The MT-PLAN is DNRCs first public access grant program aimed at increasing public access to both state trust land and federally managed public land, and will be spearheaded by Public Access Specialist, Ryan Weiss.
As the land agent, Stuart personally selected more than 600,000 acres of state trust land for the state of Montana (Stuart 1977).
This Article discusses four complex cases that challenge state trust land grazing programs.
The Advancing Conservation and Education (ACE) Act specifically focuses on state trust land inholdings within the boundaries of federal conservation areas like national parks, monuments, and wilderness areas.
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