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SOJServants of Jesus
SOJStory of Jade (band)
SOJStraits of Johor
SOJState of Jefferson (various locations)
SOJSmall Outline Package J-Lead
SOJSons of Jackass
SOJSmall Outline J-lead
SOJSociety of Janus (San Francisco, CA)
SOJSega of Japan
SOJStone of Jordan (Diablo 2 game)
SOJSea Of Japan
SOJSpace Of Joy (Russian Music Festival)
SOJSame Old Jets (band)
SOJStates of Jersey
SOJSalvation of Jigoku (gaming clan)
SOJStaff of Jordan (World of Warcraft game)
SOJSeal of Justice (gaming, World of Warcraft)
SOJSunglasses of Justice (CSI: Miami TV show)
SOJSounds of Joy
SOJSiege of Jerusalem (game)
SOJSoldiers of Justice (gaming clan)
SOJSoldiers of Jeebus (gaming clan)
SOJSingle Open Jaw (air travel route)
SOJStatement of Justification (Canada)
SOJStowarzyszenie Orkiestra Jazzowa (Polish: Jazz Orchestra Association)
SOJStand-Off Jammer/Jamming
SOJStudents of Justice
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With regard to payment institutions and electronic money, the Government's statement of justification for legislative authorization advocated that "the introduction of a new type of financial institution, the payment institution, which by limiting its activity to the provision of payment services does not use the funds received from the public for investment on its own account and, to that extent, presents a lower risk of supervision.
Our first key recommendation calls on the government to table a "Statement of Justification" in both houses of Parliament outlining the specifics of any UN deployment including the size of the mission, its goals, the risks involved, the costs, rules of engagement and a fixed-term deployment plan so as to ensure bi-partisan and multi-partisan support through open parliamentary debate prior to confirmation and deployment of members of the Canadian Armed Forces.
Nominations, which may (but need not) include a statement of justification, should be sent to
Bill Kennemer, R-Oregon City, would have required all emergency declarations to include a statement of justification. In the meantime, Gov.
This is a thinly veiled attack on the sovereignty of Kyrgyzstan and on our independence," the statement of justification to the amendments said.
- price (T.T.C.) benefits: 55%; - technical merit of the offer in terms of a written statement of justification: 45%.
Stearns are groundless," Pudewell wrote in his statement of justification submitted to the city on Jan.
Stufflebean, who faced criticism after a reorganization of the county's road department, now has five days to either issue a "statement of justification" or resign.
Petitioners who want to oust the mayor submitted enough valid signatures to prompt an election, provided the mayor submits a "statement of justification" sometime over the next five days.
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