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STOPStatement of Opposition
STOPShort Time Of Prayer
STOPSwedish Trial in Old Patients with Hypertension
STOPStrategy Targeting Organized Piracy
STOPSystem Test Operation
STOPStartup Trademark Opposition Policy
STOPSafe Tables Our Priority
STOPSuction Termination of Pregnancy
STOPStop Transmission of Polio (CDC/WHO program)
STOPStack Overflow Protection
STOPSicker than Other People (Alcoholics Anonymous slang)
STOPSatellite Tracking of People LLC
STOPStudents Taking on Prevention (Reston, VA)
STOPStroke Treatment and Ongoing Prevention
STOPSpecial Tactics and Operations (police team)
STOPSecurity Tracking of Office Property
STOPSafety Training Observation Program
STOPStop Turning Out Prisoners (Florida)
STOPSelective Tubal Occlusion Procedure (birth control)
STOPSingle Title Order Plan (bookselling)
STOPStop, Think, Observe, and Plan (rescue)
STOPSequential Thematic Organization of Publications (technical writing methodology)
STOPStudents and Teachers Opposing Prejudice
STOPSlow to Observe Police
STOPStop Taxing Our Patrons
STOPStop This Outrageous Purge (1950s civil rights group)
STOPSpecialty Tracked Equipment Operator (US NWCG)
STOPSnowmobile Trail Officer Patrol (Canada)
STOPStop Teasing Other People (education)
STOPStructural/Thermal Optical
STOPStop, Talk, Observe, Prevent (injury assessment)
STOPSupporters to Oppose Pollution
STOPSqueal Tires on Pavement
STOPSlightly Tap on Pedal
STOPSatellite Tracking Of Polluters
STOPStop the Ocean Pollution
STOPSecure Tips Online Program
STOPSpin Tires on Pavement
STOPSoutheastern Tidewater Opportunities Project (est. 1965; Virginia)
STOPSkid Tires on Pavement
STOPSouth Texas Organization of Police
STOPSort-Toss-Organize-Put Away
STOPStudents Thinking of Peers
STOPStop, Take a Breath, Observe, Proceed
STOPStudents & Teachers Opposing Pollution
STOPStay Calm, Think, Observe, Plan (scouting mnemonic of what to do when lost)
STOPStreet-Teen Outreach Program
STOPStop the Oppressive Powerplant
STOPSelected Test Optimization Program
STOPStop Today or Pay
STOPStop Tesco's Oversized Plan (UK)
STOPScore points, Think the worst, Opt out or Put down (mnemonic for communication habits to avoid)
STOPState Trooper on Pot
STOPSecure Transportation Offender Partition
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Where a written statement of opposition is filed with the Board within thirty (30) days following the publication of this notice, the Board shall forthwith order, subject to certain exceptions as noted below, that a public hearing be conducted with respect to any grounds of opposition set out in the statement, in relation to any section or part of the pipeline affected by the concerns disclosed in the written statement.
On 14 February, US President Barack Obama signed legislation on long-term funding for US aviation that includes a statement of opposition to the EU's plans, calling them "inconsistent with the [1944 Chicago] Convention on Civil Aviation".
"I condemn the opposition's statement, passing statement against the person (Rahul Gandhi) whose grandmother and father have been the victims of militant attacks, I condemn the statement of opposition for this," said Singh.
Other farm and environmental groups later issued a joint statement of opposition.
Citizens in northeast Eugene voted overwhelmingly Thursday night against plans to build a hospital there, providing the first widespread statement of opposition to a project that is just beginning city review.
Israel has requested that the U.S., Canada, the EU and the Scandinavian countries who are involved in Middle East negotiations issue a clear statement of opposition to the Arab demand for the 'right of return.' However, none of them will do so.
Johns does not make any statement of opposition to this process in that article.
* The antiwar petition (NCR, March 7) captioned "Brothers and sisters in the military: Refuse to fight, refuse to kill" was an outrageous statement of opposition to the current legitimate efforts of our government to safeguard the lives of its citizens and bordered on outright treason.
Concerned that the president would return to Paris with the claim that he had explained everything thoroughly and was now authorized to speak for the American people, Senator Philander Knox (R-Penn.) joined with Senator Frank Brandegee (R-Conn.) to compose a formal statement of opposition to the League that became known as the Round Robin document.
Meanwhile Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh on Information, Law and Anti Corruption Barrister Murtaza Wahab while reacting to the statement of Opposition Leader Firdos Shamim Naqvi has said that he should not worry about the affairs Pakistan Peoples Party and pay attention to its own political party.
Earlier this week, Chairman Senate had met with the Prime Minister Imran Khan only to give rise to speculations that perhaps his meeting is in the aftermath of statement of opposition senator that united opposition in the Senate could move to replace him.
Referring to a statement of Opposition Leader in National Assembly Khursheed Shah, Sanaullah said the Opposition had a right to point out issues but it should be within democratic norms."We will welcome it," he added.
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