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SCOFStatic Coefficient of Friction (slip resistance)
SCOFSmall Circle of Friends (hip-hop group)
SCOFSuperformance Cobra Owners Forum (cars)
SCOFSan Clemente Ocean Festival
SCOFSupreme Court of Florida
SCOFStanding Committee on Fisheries (Canadian Parliament)
SCOFStanding Committee of Officials (Ministerial Council for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs; Australia)
SCOFSwirling Cesspool of Filth
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Thus, a more complex model is necessary for considering both static friction and dynamic friction (the static coefficient of friction being greater than the dynamic coefficient of friction [19]).
The static coefficient of friction measured by ASTM D1894 was used as one method to measure the difference of the neat copolyesters and the optimized copolyesters/MD6951 blends.
For the simulation the static coefficient of friction was increased from 0.13 to 0.16.
Its value is divided by the mass of the block, which is the force pushing the block and panel together, to give the static coefficient of friction, SCOF.
The threshold representing the smallest delta between the two measurements has been dubbed by RTP tribologists the "Glide Factor." Tests showed that the optimal friction pairings exhibited low static coefficient of friction ([less than or equal to] 0.15) and a Glide Factor of [less than or equal to] 0.015.
The static coefficient of friction of briquettes was investigated with respect to four test surfaces, namely, galvanised steel, rubber, plywood sheet, and aluminium sheet.
This polymer may provide an outer surface having a static coefficient of friction of about 0.38, a kinetic coefficient of friction of about 0.29, and a good surface gloss.
The initial peak force provides the static coefficient of friction, and the subsequent average force provides the dynamic coefficient of friction.
A constant static coefficient of friction was used to establish contact properties at the interfaces.