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QRNQuasi-Random Number
QRNQuick Response Network (various organizations)
QRNStatic Interference
QRNQuick Reaction Number
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Static interference checking refers to the process of checking the initial CAD assembly model.
While static interference checking will detect the most obvious modeling errors, it will not detect all types of mistakes.
The procedure checks for static interferences, interferences due to simulated wood shrinkage/swelling, and dynamic interferences that occur as the result of moving parts.
Telecommunications networks that are out of synchronization may suffer from static interference, bit errors and slow transmission rates.
In bursts of static interference, scenes from his daughter's sun-dappled country childhood keep flashing up.
'And then I have vivid memories of the Coronation; of my mother coming to say goodnight to my sister and me while wearing the crown so that she could get used to its weight on her head before the Coronation ceremony; of thousands of people gathered in The Mall outside Buckingham Palace chanting 'We want The Queen' and keeping me awake at night; of my parents being away for long overseas tours during the 1950s and of determined attempts to speak to them on the telephone in far-distant lands when all you could hear was the faintest of voices in a veritable storm of crackling and static interference.
Over the last decade her tapes and installations have unabashedly explored sexuality and the accoutrements that conjure "femininity," through a formal language that borrows heavily form MTV's esthetic: frequent jump cuts, overexposed colors, jittery images, and static interference. In her most notorious video, Pickelporno (Pimple porno, 1992) - which first brought her to the attention of the art world - Rist attempted to give visual form to the sensations experienced during sex.