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Of course weknow that eating too much fast food is bad for us, but there's more to this film than a gimmick stating the obvious.
Unnoticed" is an elastic term: The author does not shy from stating the obvious, which leads one to assume, for example, he is unaware that Michelangelo Antonioni's Blowup [1966] was instantly and widely understood as a gloss on the Zapruder film.
Needless to say - and at the risk of stating the obvious - I was not one of them.
Odette, a director of more than 100 music videos and documentary shorts, is so evidently--and at times masterfully--in charge of the material that to say he is a natural-born film director would be stating the obvious.
This, of course, is stating the obvious, as the inclusion of central banks in banking supervision is not questioned by European finance ministers.
Beyond stating the obvious, Rosenberg -- who directs the outer-borough division at Futterman -- said that a retail renaissance will likely need more than just a ballpark.
At the risk of stating the obvious, fire fighters are there to protect our property and our lives.
In the woods," I answered, unable to resist stating the obvious.
SO the Goverment has finaally admitted that it got it wrong again,talk about stating the obvious.
THE OECD pointing out Ireland has a serious unemployment problem is somewhat stating the obvious.
It is stating the obvious to say that to have any impact whatsoever, such CCTV systems have to be operational.