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Thank you for stating the obvious [in "1-on-1" with Daniel Pink].
Jerry Sadowitz @ St David's Hall, Cardiff (Saturday) * "NOT for the easily offended," scream the posters which, for a Sadowitz show, is somewhat stating the obvious.
Will claims not to be a broadcasting expert before he plugs his Radio City show - talk about stating the obvious!" WB: I resent being called both a sexist and a humour vacuum.
IN Joe Anderson's letter (Opposition Role, 04.06.10) he is only stating the obvious. It should concern Labour that it lost so badly, and the Conservatives that their gains were not enough in a first past the post electoral system to command a majority of seats in the Houses of Commons.
It's stating the obvious, but residential areas are places where people live, and where the interests of the motorist must take second place to those of pedestrians, cyclists, the very young and the elderly.
To the extent that Rosen is arguing the former, he comes very close to stating the obvious. To the extent that he is arguing the latter, he flirts with undermining one of the key reasons for the Court's existence.
FULL marks for stating the obvious go to Christian Panucci who has told Italian football fans what they already know - Marcello Lippi hasn't picked him for the national team because he can't stand him.
If you have been in the industry more than 3 minutes, you are probably saying, "Jim is stating the obvious." And by past practices, I am.
He followed his appearance on ABC TV by issuing a four-paragraph statement claiming that he was merely stating the obvious, not announcing his personal plans.
The University of Birmingham has excelled itself and other educational institutions which dedicate time to stating the obvious. Don't fall off your chair when you read this: apparently failing eyesight is the main reason the elderly are prone to tumbles.
Of course weknow that eating too much fast food is bad for us, but there's more to this film than a gimmick stating the obvious.
("Unnoticed" is an elastic term: The author does not shy from stating the obvious, which leads one to assume, for example, he is unaware that Michelangelo Antonioni's Blowup [1966] was instantly and widely understood as a gloss on the Zapruder film.) The key excavation is Lubin's discovery that one eyewitness described the post-assassination chaos at Dealey Plaza as an "explosion in a shingle factory"--the very phrase employed by an American critic of the 1913 Armory show to characterize Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase.