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My 16-year-old niece asked a question which until now I have wondered whether I answered correctly: "Uncle, if Europe and America were to station ships on the coasts of Africa and invite the youth of Africa to voluntary slavery in their countries, how many young Africans will not go?" I just shook my head and told her I would research and come back to her...
Then in September 2011, Sayyari said Iran would station ships "near the maritime borders of the United States....
As its primary mission, the T-AKE will provide logistic lift from sources of supply such as friendly ports or at sea from specially equipped merchant ships by consolidation and will transfer cargo (ammunition, food, limited quantities of fuel, repair parts, ship store items, and expendable supplies and material) at sea to station ships and other naval warfare forces.
These ships transfer cargo to station ships and other naval warfare forces at sea, including ammunition, food, fuel, repair parts, ship store items and expendable supplies and material.
The fifth color station ships as opaque white but can be used to add spot color, special toner for security applications, as well as MICR toner.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-8 March 2004-New radio base station ships from Team Simoco(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
There have been other, perhaps less evident, developments in the North Atlantic area; for example the role of meteorology has changed, and the fleet of North Atlantic Ocean Station ships has disbanded--replaced by other technologies including satellite weather surveillance.
In New York, the Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station ships in 25 different kinds of oysters fresh each day.
The T-AKE ships will provide logistic lift from supply sources either in port or at sea and will transfer cargo that includes ammunition, food, fuel, repair parts, and expendable supplies and material to station ships and other naval forces at sea.