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StatCastStatistical Multiplexing (Phillips digital cable)
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'Combining coherent technology along with the "pool of bandwidth" that is achievable with statistical multiplexing, allows for optimal control of bandwidth allocation, growth and the spiralling costs of transport equipment,' he said.
Today, support for content distribution across most traditional pay TV networks requires advanced compression and statistical multiplexing methodologies.
In case of statistical multiplexing, this is the well-known statistical multiplexing gain.
We also examine the minimum required link bitrate [C.sub.min] for the statistical multiplexing of a fixed number of video streams.
Coverage includes an overview of general definitions and particular features of telecommunications systems, synchronization and phase-locked loops and their applications, multiplexing methods used for static and statistical multiplexing, multiple access techniques, switching systems and routing in ISDNs, ATMs, and the Internet, the basic elements of protocol theory, public land mobile systems, line-of-sight radio communication systems, and the various components of optical communication systems.
It is expected that bandwidth gains due to statistical multiplexing gains can be achieved for real-time applications such as voice with silence suppression and VBR real-time video.
"The contract is the world's first order to be announced for an MPEG-4 AVC HDTV video headend and will see Tandberg Television deploy its EN5990 encoder within fully redundant systems complete with its Reflex statistical multiplexing software," Tandberg Television said.
Statistical multiplexing capability allows native Ethernet/data switching and oversubscription.
The primary reason that low cost can be achieved is attributable to an architecture based on data, which takes advantage of the statistical multiplexing advantages of packet switching and enables a flat decentralized network design, leveraging the benefits of open IP standards.
"The inherent burstiness of LAN traffic allows us to exploit statistical multiplexing across the entire GigaPON.
The four 64kbps clear channel lines provide all telco CLASS service (caller ID, call waiting, selective ringing, etc.) plus fax and modem capability without compression, bit robbing or statistical multiplexing and echo cancellation.
This benefits users by allowing better statistical multiplexing advantage on the PCI bus; more MCHDLCs can be interconnected, with lower system cost.
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