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STATStatim (Latin: Immediately [medical])
STATStatistical (mathematics)
STATStatutes at Large (IRB)
STATStatutes (legal)
STATSignal Transducer and Activator of Transcription
STATSociety of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
STATStatistics Austria (government bureau)
STATScience Teachers Association of Texas
STATStop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco
STATShort Turn-Around Time
STATSecurity Threat Avoidance Technology (Harris Corporation)
STATStanding Tall and Talented (nickname for basketball player Amare Stoudemire)
STATSecurity Test and Analysis Tool
STATState Transition Analysis Technique
STATShort Term Assessment and Treatment
STATScience and Technology Assistance Team
STATSlotted Tube Atom Trap
STATStratospheric Tracers of Atmospheric Transport
STATSooner Than Already There :-)
STATSituation Triage and Assessment Team
STATSpace Telescope Astrometry Team
STATStafford Aquatic Team (swim team)
STATStudent Trial Advocacy Team
STATStudents Teaching Anti-Tobacco
STATSmall Transport Aircraft Technology
STATSuperfund Technical Assessment Team
STATSome Time After Tomorrow (humor)
STATSubstance Testing Applications and Technology
STATSouthern Tier Alternative Therapies, Inc. (Binghamton, NY)
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Under a proper interpretation of [section]9658, statutes of repose are not within Congress' pre-emption mandate.
Courts correctly read "chargeable" to incorporate only the substantive definitions of state law, not statutes of limitation, or other procedural rules.
In applying substantive statutes, however, you must determine what date controls the application of substantive law in your case.
Regardless of the phrase chosen to describe advocacy--"educating," "informing," "advising"--it is statute, not linguistics, that classifies activities before the law.
TEI submits that four distinguishing characteristics of Ohio's investment tax credit at issue here render it constitutional: (a) Ohio is not discriminating against products manufactured or business operations performed in any other State, (b) the investment tax credit is not related to discrete transactions and it does not target a particular product or industry, (c) the amount of the credit does not change relative to activities in other states, and (d) Ohio's statute does not discriminate on its face but rather is freely available to any corporation engaging in the prescribed activities in Ohio.
While the temporary lifting of the statute of limitations covered any institution where a known child molester was allowed to continue working and abused another child, the majority of cases filed in 2003 appeared to have been filed against Catholic archdioceses, experts said.
Records Retention: Statutes and Regulations for the province of Ontario contains contents checklists, record indexes, statute indexes, and core modules.
The statute authorizing the formation of the committee provided legal immunity to members for their advice (4), and the members pledged that they would attend the committee meetings during a bioterrorist attack rather than report to their regular jobs.
However, the benefit actually being conferred by residency statutes is the right to be considered for in-state resident status This is a non-monetary benefit, and this definition lends support to my reading of the statute.
Reduction in the statute of limitations and mandatory presuit mediation
Because most of the claims brought by plaintiffs have statutes of limitations ranging from three to five years, courts dismissed many of the claims brought on policies received before 1995 through 1997.
13] Agencies used mail and wire fraud statutes on a limited basis because they required use of mail or interstate communications.