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STESuite (US Postal Service)
STESaint (French)
STESociete (French: Society)
STESave the Earth (game)
STEScience, Technology and Engineering (various organizations)
STEStar Trek: Enterprise
STEScience and Technology Education
STEScience Teacher Education (journal)
STEST Segment Elevation (cardiology)
STESerial to Ethernet (computer servers)
STEStandard Test Equipment
STESystem Test Engineer
STESoftware Test Engineer
STEShort-Term Energy
STESemiconductor Test Equipment
STESenior Technical Editor
STESecondary Technical Education
STESpecial Test Equipment
STESynthetic Training Equipment (UK)
STEShort Term Extension
STESecure Terminal Equipment
STESolar Thermal Electricity
STEScsi Target Emulation
STESite Definition
STESignaling Terminal Equipment
STESolar Thermal Electric
STESecure Telephone Equipment
STESpanning Tree Explorer
STESoftware Test and Evaluation
STESpecial Touring Edition (Pontiac)
STESyrian Telecommunications Establishment
STESoftware Test Environment
STEStratosphere-Troposphere Exchange (geophysics)
STESharp Telecommunications of Europe, Ltd. (UK)
STESkin Tone Enhancer (various companies)
STEState Trading Enterprise
STESmall Tourism Enterprise (various locations)
STESimplified Technical English
STESociedad Tolkien Española (Spanish Tolkien Society)
STESection Terminating Equipment (SONET)
STEStraight Talk Express (John McCain's campaign bus)
STESciences et Techniques Educatives (French: Educational Science and Technology; journal)
STESystem Test and Evaluation
STESystem Test Equipment
STEStation de Traitement des Effluents (French: Effluent Treatment Plant)
STEState Transition Engine
STESupport & Test Equipment
STESegment Table Entry
STEShade Tree Engineer
STESafety through Engineering (New Carlisle, OH)
STESteelville Telephone Exchange (Missouri)
STESynthetic Task Environment
STESuprathermal Electron Telescope
STESimplified Test Equipment
STESpécifications Techniques d'Exploitation (French: Technical Operating Specifications)
STESignalling Terminal Exchange
STEShift Test Engineer
STESodium Chloride-Tris-EDTA
STESynthetic Training Environment
STESignaling Terminal Equipment (ITU-T)
STESurface Threat Emitter
STESpace Technology Enterprise
STEStaff-years of Technical Effort
STESurface Terminal Equipment
STESupergroup Translating Equipment
STEShipboard Test Equipment
STESecure Transmission Equipment
STESnyder Thorn Enterprises (Canadian company)
STESuper Transmittance Eyepiece
STEStability & Equilibrium Data
STESwitch Test Execution (Sprint)
STEStar Tracker Electronics
STEStochastic Taylor Expansion (mathematics)
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Ste McDermott, who has been a postman for 34 years, explained: "It just began as a bit of a joke because we had a new manager.
But then during what is supposed to be their final conversation, Ste says something that leaves Harry confused about what exactly happened on the night that Amy died.
"Most students are also intimidated by careers in STE due to the widely held idea that jobs are available only in the construction sector, and therefore require a great amount of fieldwork in hot and dusty environments," she said.
Z-TECH CORP., 1803 Research Blvd., Ste. 301, Rockville, 20850--FCC $58,538; HUD for NAICS 541519 $722,210; NIH for NAICS 334111 $581,233
Nissei ASB Co., 125 Westlake Pkwy., Ste. 120, Atlanta, GA 30336 Phone: 404-699-7755 Fax: 404-696-9009 Email: Web: www.
Full names and complete mailing addresses of publisher, editor and managing editor: International Association of Business Communicators, Publisher, One Hallidie Plaza, Ste. 600, San Francisco, CA 94102; Natasha Spring, Executive Editor, One Hallidie Plaza, Ste.
The preferred subcontractor was rejected by the CO because it had conditioned its offer on ATAC indemnification of unamortized STE capital costs.
Sault Ste. Marie Symphony symphony to offer two youth music education programs: "Music Instruction for Physically Challenged Students" and "Symphony Musicians in the Classroom." $50,000 over three years.
Mary's River, just east of downtown Sault Ste. Marie.
The City of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, EDS Canada and General Motors Corp.
Mary Spagnola-Hills, formerly of Lloyd, Hoskins & Pierce, and Lynne Larkin have joined Lazan & Associates, P.A., with offices at 1701 AlA, Ste. 103, Vero Beach 32963, telephone (561)231-0949.