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STEGANOSteganography (encryption)
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Security researchers have been warning about the dangers of steganography for a while now.
For this purpose, it combines VC, steganography along with one time pad (OTP).
IV.Apply multi-level steganography (MLS) instead of single-level steganography (SLS), where multi-level steganography (MLS) is promising to provide more strength compare to single-level steganography (SLS) technique [24].
The extracted iris template is saved in the database and the use of built in pixel data, a random number is produced and is saved in the database as the extracted template image's title by the use of a steganography algorithm LSB to encode.
One possible classification of network steganography methods is given in [5], where three broad groups are separated:
While cryptography and secret sharing extend far back to ancient history, watermarking and steganography are relatively new fields that have only been able to gain momentum with the expansion and widespread usage of digital computers.
The purpose of this paper is to enhance data security by using a block cypher mode of operation CBC, which is a symmetric cryptosystem (private key), before steganography, and by using the graph coloring and the correlation of pixels which optimize the information steganography algorithm and create a variable capacity at each threshold.
Cryptography, watermarking, and steganography are technologies that are frequently being used to ensure the security, authentication, and privacy (hiding) of data, respectively, especially when it is transmitted over a public network [15].
The two major fast emerging trends of information hiding are steganography and watermarking.
Based on this principle they proposed pixel value differencing (PVD) steganography. The image should be partitioned into different blocks, each of size 1x2 pixels.
There is knowledge or art of data protecting transferred over the Internet, that is, cryptography (data encoding) and steganography (data disguise).