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SCGMSchoolwide Cluster Grouping Model
SCGMSearch for Common Ground-Morocco
SCGMStem Cell Growth Medium
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GV oocytes were subjected to IVM in either ESCM (n=603), Embryonic Stem cell Growth Medium (ESGM, n=332), or [alpha]-Minimum Essential Medium ([alpha]-MEM, n=264).
Maturation rate, in vitro fertilization (IVF) success, and developmental competence at the blastocyst stage in mouse oocytes IVF GV oocytes PB success Blastocyst Group (N) N (%) N (%) N (%) [alpha]-MEM 264 180 (68.18) 125 (69.44) 64 (51.2) ESCM 603 390 (64.67) 240 (61.53) 84 (35) ESGM 332 107 (32.22) 0 (0.0) - p-value - 0.000 0.000 0.0039 GV: Germinal vesicle oocyte; PB: First polar body; Metaphase II (MII); [alpha]-MEM: [alpha]-minimum essential medium; ESCM: Embryonic stem cell conditioned medium; ESGM: Embryonic stem cell growth medium. Table 2.
Caption: FIGURE 2: Multilineage differentiation capability of adipose-derived MSCs: (a-d) AbSCs, (e-h) BFPdSCs, and (i- l) HdSCs in various culture conditions including stem cell growth medium (a, e, i), osteogenic induction medium (b, f, j), adipogenic induction medium (c, g, k), and chondrogenic induction medium (d, h, l).