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StenStandard Ten (statistics)
StenStrike Team Leader Engine (firefighting)
StenSave the Earth Network
StenSheperd, Turpin, Enfield (British WWII-era submachinegun)
StenSacramento Transportation Equity Network (Sacramento, CA)
StenStaphylococcal Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
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We then try to understand how the cells change and mature,' says Sten Linnarsson in a press release from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
The property investor said Sten was appointed to the board in August 2014 and will continue to serve as a member of the company's Remuneration and Nomination Committees.
The Sten reached its low point with the Mark III but then gradually improved until the Mk V variant included such luxuries as fenced sights, a bayonet attachment, and a forward pistol grip.
From the novel's thrilling set piece of a start (recounting Sten's face-off in Costa Rica) to its pensive conclusion, The Harder They Come is a masterly--and arresting--piece of storytelling, arguably Mr.
Consistent with IPAT depression scale manual sten scores are categorized from 1to 10.
So while Sterling's design was at the opposite end of the spectrum from Enfield's Sten, the company was quite familiar with producing submachine guns.
Without a doubt, the homeliest of WWII submachine guns is the Brits' STEN gun.
According to Asepta[euro](tm)s head, the new owner will provide the business with better opportunities to continue its development and expansion.Country: SwedenSector: Paper/Packaging/Office Supplies, Food/Beverages/TobaccoTarget: Asept International ABBuyer: Lagercrantz Group ABVendor: Sten DrennowType: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
Homegrown is the latest venture of popular funk maestro's Sten La'Ren and Carlos, who have taken up a monthly residence at Coventry's new venue The Dog in Hertford Street.
Logic and language in the Middle Ages; a volume in honour of Sten Ebbesen.
The arrests were announced after hundreds of people were evacuated from Gothenburg s Roeda Sten building, venue of the city s art biennale, on Saturday night.
Not all who applied for the iconic Sten submachine gun would be satisfied as the applications exceeded -- 704 for 100 -- the available guns, which were priced at e1/4427 a piece.