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STP PULStep Pulse
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f(t) = {[delta](t), Dirac pulse, [e.sup.-[gamma]t]H(t), exponentially decaying step pulse
Solution for Heaviside step pulse (pressure applied and maintained) is obtained in the limit [gamma] [right arrow] 0 from the second case.
Figure 5 shows time variation of displacement and pore-pressure at station r = 15 m for step pulse boundary condition.
In the figure, step pulse solution is also plotted for comparison.
At a holding potential of −100 mV, I[sub]Na was obtained with a series of 20 ms step pulses from −80 mV to −20 mV (10 mV increment for each step, frequency of 0.2 Hz), following a hyperpolarizing prepulse of −110 mV for 200 ms.
Additional features include Microstep Emulation which allows users with a need for low step resolutions to benefit from smooth motion; the ST10-Si drive can take low resolution step pulses and create fine resolution motion.