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SRDSuriname Dollar (ISO currency code)
SRDStandard Reference Data
SRDSem Raca Definida (Brazilian goat: without defined breed)
SRDShort Range Devices (wireless networking)
SRDStep Recovery Diode
SRDSpin Rinse Dryer
SRDSoftware Requirements Document
SRDSuper Real Darwin (gaming)
SRDSystem Reference Document
SRDSwine Respiratory Disease
SRDSerous Retinal Detachment (eyes)
SRDSystem Recovery Disk (computing; various companies)
SRDSustainable Resource Development (Alberta, Canada)
SRDSystem Recovery Data
SRDSystem Requirements Document
SRDSecondary Received Data
SRDScreen Reader System
SRDSafety Ride Down
SRDService de Règlement Différé (French: Deferred Settlement Service)
SRDServices Reconnaissance Department (joint Allied special forces unit)
SRDScience Research and Design (education)
SRDScientific Research Development
SRDSki Racing Development (various locations)
SRDSpecific Reading Disability (Dyslexia)
SRDSeismic Reference Datum (geophysics)
SRDSchool Resource Deputy (various schools)
SRDSociety for Reproduction and Development (est. 1948; Japan)
SRDSystems Research & Development
SRDScottish Rite Dormitory (University of Texas; Austin,Texas)
SRDSustainable Regional Development (various locations)
SRDSumitomo Realty & Development Co., Ltd. (Japan)
SRDSocially Responsible Design (various locations)
SRDScience Requirements Document
SRDState Registered Dietitian
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SRDSpecies Richness Diversity
SRDSearch and Rescue Dog
SRDSelf-Reading Dosimeter
SRDStress Related Disorder
SRDSonar Research & Development
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SRDStop the Revolving Door (work program)
SRDSalary Review Date
SRDStudent Research in Diversity (Columbia University; New York, NY)
SRDSafety and Reliability Directorate (UK)
SRDSignificantly Revised Down
SRDStress Response Dampening (alcohol study)
SRDSouthern Record Distributors
SRDSummary Receipts and Disbursements
SRDSoftware Requirements Description
SRDStandards Requirements Document
SRDSociété de Recherche Dermatologique (French: Society of Dermatological Research)
SRDSerial Receive Data
SRDSelected Record Drawings
SRDStandard Reporting Designator
SRDSociété des Régates de Douarnenez (French: Regatta Society of Douarnenez; Douarnenez, France)
SRDSociety for Rural Development (India)
SRDSpecification Requirements Document
SRDSystem Readiness Test
SRDSystem Requirements Description
SRDSelected Record Data
SRDShort Range Dependence Model
SRDService-Revealed Difficulty
SRDService Release Date
SRDSales Racing Development (New Zealand)
SRDSystem(s) Requirement(s) Document
SRDSecurities Registration Depository, Inc. (computing company; Dublin, OH)
SRDSigned-Rank Detector
SRDScrambler Resynchronization Delay
SRDStaff Research Directory (various organizations)
SRDSystems Resources Division
SRDSystem Requirement Database
SRDSling the Rope Down (caver slang)
SRDStandard Renewal Discount (insurance)
SRDService-Revealed Deficiency
SRDSystem Report Designator
SRDScience Review Directorate (UK)
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Several technologies are used today in comb generators although most designs continue to be based on step recovery diodes (SRD).
With the evolution of technology, the variety of devices used for generating ultra-short steps or pulses has expanded to include gallium arsenide (GaAs) photoconductive switches, (3-4) mercury switches, avalanche transistors, step recovery diodes (SRD), tunnel diodes and avalanche diodes, etc.
A step recovery diode circuit generates outputs harmonically related to the 1 GHz internal reference, or to the doubled or tripled output.
MMICAD WAVEFORM predicts the waveform from a harmonic generator circuit consisting of a silicon step recovery diode (SRD) followed by an edge-coupled microstrip filter.
Conventional Ku-band microwave synthesizers use direct frequency multiplication through high power step recovery diode multipliers.
The 100 MHz reference signal is amplified and converted to very narrow pulses by the step recovery diode (SRD) circuit.
By fabricating the MIC on thin-film alumina, the parasitic elements of the components are minimized and the harmonic generation of the step recovery diode (SRD) is increased to above 45 GHz.
The fundamentals of high power impulse generation is described, and the theory of drift step recovery diodes and other high speed switching devices are explained.
The third chapter dicusses multipliers and parametric devices, including practical nonlinear reactance devices and frequency multipliers using step recovery diodes.