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SKIDShotokan Karate International Deutschland (Germany)
SKIDSheila Kothavala Institute for the Deaf (India)
SKIDSecret Key Identification (cryptography)
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Parker tosses his kid's, his step-kid's, gear in the back of his Explorer and we get introduced.
The latter leaves behind a domineering other half to move in for 10 days with someone desperate to please his step-kids.
Yet while Richard ended his life trying to kill Gail and his step-kids by driving them into the canal, the man who played him is cheerful, charming - and a real family man.
Luckily his new step-kids, Gareth, 23, and Kira, 21, both adore their mum's new husband.
Variations on this "innocence lost," to bastardize the poet William Blake, form the crux of "The Geena Davis Show" as Teddie maneuvers through the daily grind of raising step-kids, continuing to be the sexy mistress for hubby-to-be Max (Peter Horton) and still holding down the top job at nonprofit event planning agency.
He is now married to Deborah, and together they have seven kids and step-kids.
Ferrell plays the nice guy married with two step-kids. Their dad, played by Wahlberg, reappears intent on getting his wife and kids back.
The step-kids are happy to trade on Paul's name - why don't they use their birth father's handle?
The statement adds: "Jason was a loving partner to Grace' an exemplary father to Rebecca and his step-kids Jamie and Toby' a thoughtful and generous brother to Damian, Lorraine, Stuart, Trudy and Carol and devoted son to Yvette."
But when it's step-kids, it can be more complicated.