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SNSerial Number
SNStannum (tin)
SNSignal-Noise (ratio)
SNSaturday Night (various organizations)
SNSoon (amateur radio)
SNSnow (METAR precipitation)
SNSierra Nevada
SNSequence Number
SNScience News
SNSonora (Guatemalan radio station)
SNSocial Networking
SNSurname (genealogy)
SNSpace Network
SNSymantec Norton (software)
SNScreen Name
SNSeaman (USCG, USN)
SNSwindon (postcode, United Kingdom)
SNSans Nom
SNSubscriber Number
SNSabena (Belgian World Airlines)
SNSintagma Nominal (Spanish language term)
SNSteve Nash (NBA player)
SNStock Number
SNSkilled Nursing
SNSide Note
SNSuper Nova
SNSubstantia Nigra (neuroanatomy)
SNSafety Notice (various companies)
SNSuper Nintendo
SNSuicide Note
SNSecretary of the Navy
SNSamyutta Nikaya (Buddhist texts)
SNService Number
SNStandard Number
SNScreenname (usually AOL)
SNStaff Nurse
SNStevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac musician)
SNSatellite Navigation
SNSemantic Network
SNStructural Number (highway engineering)
SNSacramento Northern (railroad)
SNSolar Neutrino
SNSuper Nice
SNStudent Nurse
SNService Node
SNSpecial Need (adoptions)
SNSwitching Network
SNSigma Nu (fraternity)
SNSûreté Nucléaire (French: Nuclear Safety)
SNSports Night (TV show)
SNServer Node
SNSerum Neutralization
SNSpace Needle (Seattle, Washington)
SNSuper Node
SNSûreté Nationale (French: National Security)
SNSoup Nazi (Seinfeld episode)
SNSeat Nipple
SNSurgical Nurse
SNShipping Note
SNSir Name (LDAP or Directory Servers)
SNSinging News (southern gospel magazine)
SNStiffness Nominal
SNSteeler Nation (sports website)
SNSthene (measure of force)
SNShared-Nothing Architecture (distributed computing architecture)
SNSkilled Nurse
SNSem Número (Portuguese: having no number; postal usage)
SNSoil Nail (construction)
SNSorceryNet (IRC network)
SNShipping Noise
SNSubjunctive Normal
SNSeparation Number (chromatography)
SNSubnova (website)
SNSecundum Naturam (according to nature)
SNSending Nation
SNSlurry Nebulization (spectroscopy)
SNStrategic Navigation
SNSveriges Naturvetareförbund (Nacka, Sweden)
SNSource Nursery
SNShepherd Nick (website)
SNSaucy Nipples (ARC gaming clan)
SNSkule Nite (University of Toronto)
SNStructural Notation
SNSynchronization Node
SNSlot Neighbor
SNPortable Surface Search Radar (US Navy)
SNSalutami 'Ntonio (Frisbee Ultimate Club di Milano)
SNSuperconducting Normally (conducting)
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A combination of Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol looks good on paper, but may not be a winning formula.
Forwards Andrew Brocklehurst, Garreth Haggerty, who has recovered from flu, and Steve Nash are also recalled to coach Karl Harrison's initial squad.
The three will be joined by joined by PH U-17 standouts Harold Alarcon, Steve Nash Enriquez and Aaron Buensalida in the event that also gathered the top high school teams from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and the host country.
The Bullpups were merciless from start to finish with guards Terrence Fortea and Steve Nash Enriquez leading the way.
Curry himself received comparisons with Steve Nash when he was starting out as a rookie with the Warriors, but believes Young will have to "carve out his own lane" if he wants to grow as a player. 
Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash, fellow star point guard Jason Kidd, Grant Hill and Ray Allen are among six first-year candidates for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.
Citizen of Mongolia Gantulga Batsukh was found guilty of murder British paraglider Steve Nash and given 16 years in jail on Friday, the Nash family's lawyers told BBC.
Steve Nash, 53, from Helsby, Cheshire, was killed during a robbery in September 2016 while he was trying to cross the Khangai Nuruu mountain range in the country.
Steve Nash, chief executive at the IMI, said: "Much more needs to be done if the UK is to realise the PS51 billion contribution from new vehicle technologies that the government is pursuing by 2030.
Steve Nash, 53, from Helsby, Cheshire, was attacked during a suspected robbery in Arkhangai province.
Chief executive Steve Nash said proposed funding levels will leave some apprenticeships with up to 50% less funding.
NBA point guard Steve Nash ended NBA point guard Steve Nash ended his career at which team?