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SITSchool for International Training (Brattleboro, VT, USA)
SITStay in Touch
SITSpecial Investigation Team (India)
SITSlovenian Tolar (currency code)
SITSchool Improvement Team
SITSchool of Information Technology
SITState Income Tax
SITSomewhere in Time (Iron Maiden album)
SITSistema Informativo Territoriale
SITSpeak in Tongues
SITSitus Inversus Totalis (congenital condition)
SITStay in Tune (guitar string company)
SITSchool of Industrial Technology
SITStevens Institute of Technology
SITSterile Insect Technique
SITSay It Twice (band)
SITSurveyor in Training
SITStrategic Information Technology
SITSingle Ink Technology
SITSystem Integration Testing
SITSystem Identification Toolbox (software)
SITSouthbank Institute of Technology (Australia)
SITSaitama Institute of Technology (Japan)
SITScience Innovation Technology (various locations)
SITStorage In Transit
SITSuvidya Institute of Technology (India)
SITSocial Identity Theory
SITSpecific Immunotherapy
SITSystème d'Information Territorial (French: Territorial Information System)
SITSafety Improvement Team (various locations)
SITSystem Integration Test
SITStress Inoculation Training (psychological approach to stress)
SITSimple Internet Transition
SITScottish Investment Trust
SITStatic Induction Transistor
SITSpecial Information Tone(s)
SITSlosson Intelligence Test
SITSystem Integration & Testing
SITSilicon Intensified Target
SITSatellite Interactive Terminal
SITSituation Reporting System
SITShuttle Interface Test (US NASA)
SITSpecial Interest Target (US DoD)
SITStock in Transit
SITSepang Institute of Technology (Malaysia)
SITSystem Initialization Table
SITSoftware/Hardware Integration
SITSydney Institute of Technology
SITStructured Inventive Thinking
SITSurface Interval Time (SCUBA)
SITSwiss Institute of Technology (ETH)
SITSlayer in Training
SITSupraspinatus, Infraspinatus and Teres minor (muscles)
SITSite Inspection Team
SITSystem Integration Team
SITSharjah Institute of Technology
SITSpectrum Information Technologies
SITSchool Infrastructure Thrift
SITSpontaneous Ignition Temperature
SITSoftware Integration Test
SITSite Integration Test
SITStuffit Document (File Name Extension)
SITSitka, AK, USA - Sitka (airport code)
SITShift Into Turbo
SITStationary Infantry Target (US Army training)
SITSafety Injection Tank
SITSugar Industry Technologists, Inc.
SITSystème Intelligent de Transport (French: Intelligent Transpiration System; Canada)
SITShanghai Institute of Tourism
SITSite Improvement Team
SITSocietà Italiana Di Tossicologia (Italian: Italian Society of Toxicology)
SITSystem Implementation Team (NASA)
SITStrategy Implementation Team (CEOS)
SITSquadron Integration Training (US DoD)
SITSwedish Institute of Technology (Helsinki, Sweden)
SITSample Injection Tube (flow cytometers)
SITSyndicat Interprofessionnel de Travailleuses et Travailleurs - Genève (Switzerland)
SITStrategic Information Technology, Ltd (Whitchurch-stouffville, ON, Canada)
SITSociété Industrielle de Transformateurs (French: Industrial Transformer Company)
SITSuperintendecia de Telecomunicaciones (Guatemala Central America)
SITSelect in Test
SITSpacecraft Interface Test
SITSecondary Instability Theory
SITSatellite Inspector Target
SITScientific Integrated Test
SITSpaceborne Infrared Tracker
SITSprint in Touch
SITSystems Interface Test
SITStatement of Inventory Transaction
SITStandard Infiltration Tactics (Tom Clancy)
SITSystem Interoperability Test
SITSubcarrier Irrespective Threshold
SITSuper Intendencia de Telecomunicaciones (Guatemala Central America)
SITSignal Identification Technique
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Kaminski once served on the board of the innovation center at the Stevens Institute of Technology.
The research conducted by Stevens Institute of Technology concluded that cybersecurity, product (software and hardware) liability and public infrastructure insurance for autonomous vehicles could grow to $81 billion by 2025.
Svetlana Sukhishvili, professor in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at the Stevens Institute of Technology, will give the 2009 NPCA/FSCT Technical Focus Lecture.
Boardman and Sauser (both Stevens Institute of Technology) apply their diverse educational and industrial experiences from such parts as Texas and Liverpool to explain the systems approach to thinking, sure in the knowledge that it is the next big thing.
The theatre company at the Center for the Performing Arts DeBaun Auditorium is on the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken.
Stevens Institute of Technology, Class of '64, Spring Valley, N.Y.
He has a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology and an MBA from Rutgers University.
Here in ECN's home state of New Jersey, three top-flight schools exemplify the trend--the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Rutgers University, and Stevens Institute of Technology.
Rai holds a BS in Materials Science Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and an MS from Stevens Institute of Technology. He brings 12 years of experience in the high-tech electronics industry with companies such as BAE Platform Solutions, IBM Microelectronics and IBM TJ Watson Research.
Hertz was educated at Stevens Institute of Technology and has authored over 60 articles on elastomers, seals, sealing concepts and seal environments.
He teaches at Stevens Institute of Technology in the Humanities Department.
A graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J., Mr.