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SOSignificant Other
SOSistema Operativo (Italian: Operating System)
SOSpecial Order
SOSign Off
SOSecond Order
SOSales Order
SOServer Options
SOService Order
SOStandard Oil
SOSold Out
SOStudent Organization
SOSafety Office
SOStrike Out
SOStanding Order
SOSpecial Operations
SOSouthern Company (stock symbol)
SOSecurity Officer
SOSenior Officer
SOSafety Officer
SOSystem Operator
SOStar Ocean (video game)
SOSims Online (game)
SOSymphony Orchestra
SOStaff Officer
SOSpecial Olympics
SOShout Out (Internet slang)
SOSheriff's Office
SOStuck Open
SOStack Overflow
SOSecond Officer
SOShared Object (UNIX)
SOSouthampton (UK postal code)
SOStrategic Objective
SOService Object
SOSystems Operations
SOSystem Owner (US NIST)
SOSistema Operacional (Brazil: Operating System)
SOSerial Output
SOShaquille O'neal (NBA Player)
SOSolothurn (Soleure; Suisse Canton)
SOSharePoint Online (Microsoft Office)
SOSystem Overload
SOStrung Out (band)
SOSchool's Out
SOSud-Ouest (French: south west)
SOSiehe Oben (German: see above)
SOScience Olympiad
SOStation Officer
SOSend Only
SOStaff Officer (commissioned Police Officer attached to Inspector-General of Police)
SOSpatial Orientation
SOSouthern Oscillation
SOSocket Outlet (British, electrical)
SOStrategic Outsourcing (IBM)
SOSales Out
SOScottish Office
SOSupply Officer
SOSud-Ovest (Italian: Southwest)
SOStyrene Oxide
SOStation Operator
SOShipment Order
SOSupervisor's Office (USDA)
SOSuccessful Offeror
SOSystem Outage
SOSuperior Oblique (eye muscle)
SOSeller's Option
SOSea Organization (Scientology)
SOSwitching Office
SOSteward Observatory (University of Arizona)
SOSpecialist Operations
SOSensor Operator
SOSouthern Airways (airline)
SOSpecial Orthogonal (mathematics; group theory)
SOSafety Observer
SOSolid Optical
SOSlow Oxidative
SOSondrio, Lombardia (Italian province)
SOSans Opinion (French : No Preference)
SOSystem Overheat
SOStewardship Ontario (Canada)
SOSemantic Object
SOSector Outperform (investing)
SOService Observe
SODivision Staff Officer
SOShow of Oil (drilling reports)
SOSurface Operator (MFD)
SOStockage Objective(s)
SOSource of Orgasm
SOSynchronous Oscillator
SOSupporting Organization of ICANN
SOService Overseer (Jehovah's Witnesses)
SOSchriftelijke Overhoring
SOSolicitation Officer
SOSaneringsonderzoek (Dutch: soil remediation research)
SOStep Off Ministry
SOShipment/Shipping Order
SOSeige Onager (Age of Kings game)
SOSüdost/Südosten (German: South-East)
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The Corporation of the City of Kingston (the City), Solid Waste Division, invites proposals from approved transporters registered with Stewardship Ontario (SO) and Product Care Association to supply transportation and processing services from the Citys Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste (MHSW) facility.
For Stewardship Ontario, an industry recycling consortium, GreenMantra's approach could go far in helping to divert more plastics from landfills.
Notice was received from Stewardship Ontario that the county had received $71,074.
At Product Care Board meetings held in late October, the Board voted to approve moving forward with an application for an individual stewardship plan (ISP) to own and operate the paint stewardship program in Ontario, which has been difficult with the current program manager, Stewardship Ontario (SO).
Stewardship Ontario, the province's recycling agency that angered consumers two years ago by introducing poorly explained "eco-fees," has thrown Ontario's hazardous-waste recycling business into disarray by imposing a controversial new pricing plan.
In June CACDS will be introducing a half-day educational program on the Stewardship Ontario Program that will be open to nonmembers as well as members.
In addition to the WDO, the government of Ontario has established Stewardship Ontario, which has the authority to set and to collect fees from industries whose materials, such as glass, metal, paper and plastics, are collected in the blue-box program.
Stewardship Ontario provides a detailed outline and worksheet, as well as helpful tips for completing single-family waste audits: www.
Vendor must be either: an approved processor with Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) or an "OES Approved Affiliate", an approved transporter and processor with Stewardship Ontario, an approved processor of Ontario s Tack Back the Light (TBLT) program or a TBLT participating member.
Stewardship Ontario sent notification that the fourth quarter 2012 Blue Box recycling payment was$60,503.