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STHSomething (IRC/SMS)
STHStash (file type)
STHSomatotropic Hormone (growth hormone)
STHStore Halfword (IBM)
STHSilver Thomas Hanley (Australian architects & health planners)
STHSo Totally Hot
STHSchwab, Twitty & Hanser Architectural Group, Inc
STHSystem Test Hardware
STHSciences et Technologies pour Le Handicap (French: Science and Technology for the Disabled; journal)
STHStructural-Thermal Subsystem
STHSteeper Than Hell (ski run at Snowbird, Utah)
STHSequential Trunk Hunt (call assignment scheme)
STHShark Tooth Hill (California)
STHSciences, Techniques et Humanités (French: Science, Technology and Humanities)
STHService Technique d'Hygiène (French: Technical Department of Health)
STHStar Tracker Head
STHSualti Temizlik ve Bilinclendirme Hareketi Dernegi (Turkish: Underwater Purification and Awareness Activity)
STHSoil-Transmitted Helminth (parasitic worm)
STHString Handle
STHSaint Thomas Hospital (Nashville, TN)
STHStorm the Hillside (band)
STHStraight to Hell
STHSave the Homeland (gaming, Harvest Moon series)
SThStudent in Theology
STHSheffield Teaching Hospitals
StHSonic the Hedgehog
STHSpeed Touch Home (Alcatel DSL)
STHShadow the Hedgehog (game)
STHShort Term Hire
STHScience, Technology and Health
STHSheraton Towers Hotel
STHStairway To Heaven (song and TV show)
STHState Trunk Highway (Wisconsin)
STHSubtropical High
STHSeason Ticket Holder
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When Stockholm City Line is finished, commuter trains will run on their own tracks in a 6 km-long tunnel.
Professor John Briscoe, a native of South Africa, will receive the Stockholm Water Prize from H.
Gert Wingardh divides his time between Stockholm and his principal office in Goteborg, Sweden's second city.
In the Stockholm suburb of Kista, the main Swedish resource centre of information technology, KTH co-operates, with Stockholm University, other research centers.
These green wedges of land and water started well outside the city and narrowed as they grew closer, separated by transportation routes radiating out from Stockholm.
According to the FBI's Hostage/Barricade System (HOBAS), a national database that contains data from over 1,200 reported federal, state, and local hostage/barricade incidents, 92 percent of the victims of such incidents reportedly showed no aspect of the Stockholm Syndrome.
Sweden Bookshop (on the first floor of SwedenHouse) sells translations of Swedish literature, and Stockholm Today, with multi-media booths located throughout the area, has interactive terminals with a printer and phone where you can book a hotel or learn about events or attractions.
Sweden Media inquiries, press trip and registration: Per Holmlund, Stockholm Business Region, +46 70 472 80 69, per.
The airport is expanding quickly, and Stockholm Airport City aims to further increase the opportunity to hold conferences and events in Sweden and Scandinavia.
WKCI 2008 is yet another proof of that", said Sten Nordin, mayor of Stockholm and chairman of the board at Stockholm Business Region.
The Finnish Embassy in Stockholm does not portray Finland as a wonderland of high-tech culture.
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