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STODStorm Troopers of Death (band)
STODSpecial Technical Operations Division (US DoD)
STODSeasonal Time of Day
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1974, On the Phonological Role of Stress, Quantity, and Stod in Livonian.--SFU X, 159-169.
A precedent for this in the Baltic Sea environment is the development of the stod in Danish.
(42) LTWA also has housed another edition of the Snar thang Bka' 'gyur brought from La stod chu dbar 'gro phan gling monastery in western Tibet.
Moreover, the coda is heavy in strong-grade forms, which means that its production requires special effort, similar to that for stod, cf.
The subject of the public contract is the delivery of 3 centrifuges for the Stod hospital, a.s.
Stod och Resurs's operations comprise a total of 16 units under own management with 67 beds and 140 placements in day services and short-term stays.
Statens stod till dagspressen [State Subsidies to Daily Press].
Analysis of words with and without stod in order to identify the main characteristic features of stod and to see how stable they are in controlled and spontaneous speech.
Of the five Digte, "Treet stod faerdigt med blad og med knop" (The Tree Stood Ready with Buds and with Leaves) is especially appropriate for a young singer.
Tiden innefattade framst omvardnadshandlingar sasom behandling, provtagning, undersokningar men aven handlingar dar kommunikation med patienten var centrait som trost, stod, information och undervisning.
In honour of the race the Stod Fold Brewing Company aims to enter the Guinness Book of Records by erecting the world's largest glass of beer during Tour de France on Sunday.
Overflowing with milk and honey The journey of the music from Czech villages to the opposite end of the world began in 1863, when several dozen people, ranging from the abjectly poor to wealthy farmers, set out from the villages of Stod and Chotegov in West Bohemia.