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STOGSeven Tongues of God (band)
STOGSurrey Training Officers' Group (UK)
STOGScience and Technology Objective Guide
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Analyses relating to stages B and C of Tripolie, a number of monuments of Sredny Stog II culture, Kamenna Mohila multi-layered settlements near the Sea of Azov, and Rakushechny Yar near the Don River have been carried out at Kiev and other laboratories (Belanovskaia 1995).
It should be emphasized that according to the anthropological characteristics outlined above, the Mariupol-type cemetery populations were considerably different to neighbouring cultures, in particular the populations of Tripolie, Sredny Stog and Kemi-Oba (Potekhina 1998: 67-8; 1999).
The presence of non-native caprines in four of the five Sredni Stog sites with published fauna, including Dereivka (88 bones of sheep/goat, 16 MNI), establishes that the Sredni Stog people were not hunter-gatherers.
lLevinda (John Dunlop/Ron Hutchinson) takes the mile-and-a-half heat at Cagnes-sur-Mer from Hinemoa (Declan Gillespie), but stablemate Sodor can manage only second in the ten-furlong event behind Stog (Arthur Bates/Gerard Rivases).