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SSDSolid State Drive
SSDSolid State Disk
SSDSeaside (Amtrak station code; Seaside, OR)
SSDSocial Security Disability
SSDShip Self Defense
SSDSigned, Sealed, Delivered
SSDServices for Students with Disabilities
SSDSolid State Storage Device
SSDSpatial Databases
SSDSilver Sulfadiazine
SSDSocial Services Department
SSDSecondary Storage Device (computer storage)
SSDScalextric Sport Digital (slot cars)
SSDSingle Sided Deafness
SSDStructured Self-Development (US Army)
SSDSchool Safety Division (various locations)
SSDSpace Systems Division
SSDSatellite Services Division (NOAA)
SSDSeven Segment Display
SSDSolar System Dynamics (NASA group)
SSDSecurity Systems Division (various organizations)
SSDSocial Sciences Division
SSDSpecialized Search Dog
SSDSpecial Service District (various locations)
SSDSpecial School District
SSDSoul Sacrifice Delta (gaming)
SSDSimpson Manufacturing Company (stock symbol)
SSDShared Secret Data
SSDShaded Surface Display
SSDSmaf Sound Decorator
SSDSensor Stream Database
SSDSingle Server Disaggregation
SSDSystem Shutdown
SSDService Selection Dashboard
SSDSupplementary Service Data
SSDStorage Systems Division
SSDSuper Speed Draft
SSDSecondary Send Data
SSDStart of Stream Delimiter
SSDSingle Sided Disk
SSDSaturated Surface Dry (construction materials)
SSDSite Specific Design (Brooklyn, NY)
SSDSvensk Samhällsvetenskaplig Datatjänst (Sweden)
SSDSales, Service and Distribution (various companies)
SSDSuper Star Destroyer (Star Wars)
SSDStiftung Studenten Discount (German)
SSDSettori Scientifico-Disciplinari (Italian)
SSDSveriges Statistiska Databaser (Swedish: Sweden's Statistical Databases)
SSDSmall Screen Display
SSDSuper Stardust Delta (gaming)
SSDSum of Squared Differences
SSDSterile Services Department (UK)
SSDStopping Sight Distance
SSDSource Selection Decision
SSDSecure System Design
SSDSecurity Support Division
SSDSeattle School District
SSDSocial Service Designee
SSDSusquehanna Service Dogs
SSDStarkville School District (Starkville, MS)
SSDSisters School District (Oregon)
SSDSudden Sniffing Death
SSDSingle Song Download
SSDSpecialized Services Division (Honolulu Police Department SWAT Team)
SSDSystems Software Development
SSDSelf-Service Device
SSDSwedish Social Science Data Service
SSDSectoral Social Dialogue
SSDSupport Service Division (various organizations)
SSDSymposium on Large Spatial Databases
SSDSingle Seed Descent
SSDSilicon Strip Detector
SSDShoreline School District
SSDSociety System Decontrol (band)
SSDSystem Sequence Diagram
SSDspecies-sensitivity distribution (ecologic risk assessment)
SSDSocial Science Database
SSDSecurity and Safety Document (customs)
SSDStaatssicherheitsdienst (East German Secret Service; Popular name: STASI)
SSDState Security Department (various nations)
SSDSingapore School for the Deaf
SSDSystems, Signals and Devices (International Conference)
SSDStatic Separation of Duty
SSDSo So Def (record label)
SSDShelter Static Dehumidifier
SSDSitka School District (Alaska)
SSDSupercomputer Software Department
SSDSpecial Security Division (Maquis Forces International)
SSDSupport Staff Division
SSDSociétés, Santé, Développement (French)
SSDSnorby Security Distribution (software)
SSDSchuldscheindarlehen (German promissory note)
SSDSMPTE Slave Driver (digital sync device)
SSDSource Surface Distance
SSDSolution Specification Document (software)
SSDSpace Settlement Design
SSDSimple Storefront Distribution
SSDSentinel System Driver
SSDSecurity Switching Device
SSDState Science Day (Ohio)
SSDScientific Software Development
SSDSupervising Scientist Division (Australia)
SSDScience for Sustainable Development
SSDStructure Superposition Database
SSDSystem Support Division
SSDSunnyside School District (Washington)
SSDSprechen Sie Deutsch? (German: Do you speak German?)
SSDSearchable Serial Data-Store
SSDSpecial Sea Dutymen
SSDSeaford School District (Delaware)
SSDSuper Speed Draft (printing)
SSDSantee School District (California)
SSDSevere Sustained Drought
SSDSustainable Skills Development
SSDStabilized Ship Detector (US Navy)
SSDScrap Salvage Division (US Navy)
SSDSystem Specification Description
SSDSelf-Sagging Device
SSDStainless Steel Droppings
SSDSecondary Switching Device
SSDShinyaku Seiken Densetsu (game)
SSDStandards Support Document
SSDSurveillance Systems Division
SSDSoulshot D Grade (Lineage 2 game)
SSDSuper Sudden Death (gaming)
SSDStatic Sensitive Device
SSDScheduled Shipping Date
SSDStudent Systems Development
SSDSoftware Services of Delaware, Inc
SSDStudent Support Document
SSDSignal Space Detector
SSDSpace Sciences Directorate (NASA)
SSDSimultaneous Signal Detection
SSDSafety Standards Division
SSDShore Side Detachment
SSDSolid State Decoupler (electrical protection)
SSDSourcing and Supplier Development (various companies)
SSDSerial Service Directory
SSDSafety, Security & Dismantlement
SSDSpace Station Division
SSDStrategic Sourcing Director
SSDSatellite Systems Division
SSDSoftware Support Date
SSDSpacecraft Software Division (US NASA)
SSDStrategic Sales Director
SSDSun-Synchronous Day/Night
SSDSecond Start Dial
SSDSurvival Support Device
SSDSoftware Solutions and Designs, Inc
SSDStructured File Server Definitions
SSDSystematic Sales Dialogue
SSDSquadron Support Division
SSDSHARE Secretary's Distribution
SSDSpecialized Support Depot
SSDSliding SideDoor (well construction)
SSDSingle Source Distribution
SSDSafety Scoping Document
SSDSoftware Structural Description
SSDStrathclyde Standard Desktop
SSDSub-Optimum Sequence Detection
SSDSugar-Sweetened Soft Drink
SSDServer Side Daemon
SSDStrength Screening Device
SSDSpace Systems Directorate
SSDSHINPADS Standard Display
SSDSquires Sanders and Dempsey LLP (law firm)
SSDSheet Steel Decking
SSDSecond-degree Stochastical Dominance
SSDSoftware Systems Database
SSDService de Sûreté des Déchets Radioactifs (French: Department of Safety of Radioactive Waste)
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The designated design speed is contained on a set of roadway construction plans, while the inferred design speed is computed using models (for example, stopping sight distance formula, point-mass model for horizontal curve design, and minimum length of crest vertical curve formula) contained in geometric design policy, such as the Green Book.
Where SSD is stopping sight distance required for vehicles, m, t is perception-reaction time, sec., typically 2.5 s [22], f is coefficient of friction; for a poor, wet pavement, this is typically 0.31-0.44, [S.sub.3] is safe interval of the stationary vehicle; generally 5-10 m, and g is grade, decimal.
Fambro, "Investigation of object-related accidents affecting stopping sight distances," Transportation Research Record, no.
The main objective of the research was to maximize Available Stopping Sight Distance (ASSD) at vertical crest curves overlapped with horizontal curves in two-lane roads.
The results of the software application are presented in tables where available stopping sight distance depends on four parameters.
When vehicles are traveling along the inside of curves, drivers must be able to see ahead around the curve for the same stopping sight distance as at intersections.
In rural areas we expect higher speed limits and need the longer stopping sight distances listed in Table 2.
* The following criteria were proposed as controlling only on high-speed (design speed greater than or equal to 50 miles per hour, mi/h [80 kilometers per hour, km/h]) NHS roads: lane width, shoulder width, horizontal curve radius, superelevation, stopping sight distance, maximum grade, cross slope, and vertical clearance.
chapters on stopping sight distances, slippery pavements, and traffic