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As enterprise IT professionals begin to architect the storage network backbone, it is crucial to consider fundamentals that will serve through several data center lifecycles, including scalability, modularity, interoperability, visibility and control.
IT professionals are now considering the opportunity to build a strategic, independent network infrastructure that will scale to meet the enterprise's needs for the next several years--the storage network backbone. The storage network backbone provides connectivity for hundreds of storage and application resources without wasting costly ports to connect other switches.
The strategic independence of the storage network backbone has empowered enterprise IT professionals to build and manage a more universal, utility-based infrastructure that can scale beyond the limitations of traditional SAN fabrics.
The goal of the storage network backbone architecture is to be modular enough to accommodate future network directions in the least disruptive and most cost-efficient manner possible.
As the storage network backbone takes shape, understanding network performance, particularly when and where congestion is occurring, is one of the most effective ways to manage the overall performance of the SAN.
As the storage network continues to emerge as a strategic data center asset, IT professionals should evaluate their priorities for a storage network backbone that not only provides connectivity for today's storage needs, but upholds application performance under pressure, enables new services and evolves to meet future demands.
Instead, it designed a unified storage network backbone that allowed it to prioritize each of the applications at different times (for example, during monthly or quarterly financial cycles or nighttime backups), so that at no time would the demands of any one application slow the flow of data to any of the others.
"By architecting a storage network backbone, we could avoid the high locality and oversubscription dependencies typical of SAN islands, and instead deploy a tiered SAN architecture with some hosts and storage devices attached directly to the storage network backbone."
A storage network backbone system from Sandial Systems provides the connection-level intelligence to maintain discrete control over storage network traffic across the unified infrastructure.
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