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STVSupraventricular Tachycardia (cardiology)
STVSamanyolu TV (Turkey)
STVSingle Transferable Vote
STVScottish Television
STVSatellite Television
STVSpecial Tariff Voucher (India)
STVStraight to Video
STVSchweizer Tourismus-Verband (German: Swiss Tourism Federation)
STVSave the Valley
STVShare the Vision (various organizations)
STVStereo Video
STVSports Tourer Vehicle
STVSporting Toulon Var (French football club)
STVSubscription Television
STVStar Trek: Voyager
STVSports Training Village (UK)
STVStranglethorn Vale (World of Warcraft computer game)
STVStichting Tegen Vrouwenhandel (Dutch Foundation Against Trafficking in Women)
STVStudent Television
STVShort Term Visa
STVStored Value (prepaid debit cards)
STVSmall Target Visibility (roadway lighting method)
STVSprint Telecommunications Venture (Sprint, Cox Cable, Comcast)
STVSeeker Test Van (mobile field system that evaluates infrared missile guidance and control units; Eglin AFB FL, USA)
STVStudent Teacher Version
STVSteam Tank Vessel (US Navy)
STVSapporo Television Broadcasting Co.
STVSpace Transfer Vehicle
STVSega Titan Video (game system)
STVSyrian Television
STVSubmarine Telepresence Vehicle
STVStructural Test Vehicle
STVSingle Track Vehicle (most motorcycles)
STVSurveillance Television
STVSoftware Test Vehicle
STVStandard Test Vehicle
STVSurface Transport Vehicle
STVSubmarine Target Vessel
STVSequential Test Vector
STVSteerable Television Set
STVSystem Thermal Vacuum
STVSprint Total View
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The stored value of the card offers the offline transaction proposition across all low value segments.
SmartClixx offers a closed-loop stored value software platform, with a proprietary solution for the issuance of gift cards and customer service refunds and returns.
For example, passengers who use the app between May 1 and 5 will have a chance to win a special issue stored value card, TMC said.
Blackhawk platforms and solutions enable the management of stored value products, promotions and rewards programs in retail, ecommerce, financial services and mobile wallets.
The one-year expiry date is acceptable because of the reasonable certainty that the stored value of the card would be used by its holder within that period.
Your business is not just a source of income, it also represents a stored value; the sum of its goodwill, physical assets and the ability to generate cash flow.
MANILA, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has signed a new law prohibiting the issuance of a gift check that bears an expiry date, and imposing an expiry date on the stored value, credit, or balance of the gift check.
We can apply a variety of formats to display the stored value as desired.
Nearex has developed a stored value solution for the transport sector based on its Xip micropayment platform, which aims to solve these problems.
Givex is a technology company offering clients a global reach with cost-effective gift card, omni-channel loyalty, analytics, stored value tickets, and cloud-based POS systems.
According to a company release, the offerings are based on patent rights to prepaid stored value card (SVC) technology owned by JPMorgan Chase Bank.
I managed to save my Navy Cash Card, the stored value card I had used to make purchases while onboard ship during my first time overseas.