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STRADSpace Technology Research and Development (US NASA)
STRADStrategic Dissemination for ESSI (European Software and Systems Initiative)
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'People had always been buying Strads for investment.
In addition, Strad Energy Services gave the agents an option to place up to 1.5m of extra stock to cover potentially stronger demand.
We purchased STRAD and lamin A/C antibodies from Santa Cruz Biotechnology Inc.
Effective employment of STRAD systems relies on the proper consideration, quantification, and treatment of the cooling load in the occupied zone.
Many of its recordings have won awards from the magazines Gramophone, Strad and Diapasson.
A Strad is made of wood and glue, but an almost alchemical transfiguration has taken place to make it more than the sum of its parts.
Bissinger says that the Strad's peculiarities could derive from the treatment given to the wood or from the varnish applied to it, both of which are largely unknown.--D.C.
In "'n Kwessie van implemente", "Sakkie koop 'n Strad" of "Die hupstootjie by die hek" kom variasies van die slim (Jakkals en Wolf) karakter voor wat iemand uitoorle maar dan self uitgevang word.
Strad Blue (29.05sec), Corporate Action (28.68sec) and Galdare Romeo (28.53sec) won the remaining heats.
It follows the sale of another Strad, The Lady Tennant, which smashed the record for an instrument when it was snapped up for 2,032,000 dollars