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StGBStrafgesetzbuch (German penal code)
STGBSawtoothed Grain Beetle
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blocking evidence gathering in France); SCHWEIZERISCHES STRAFGESETZBUCH [STGB] [CRIMINAL CODE] Dec.
annote et precede d'une introduction par Jules LACOINTA, Paris, Imprimerie Nationale, 1890) et la traduction allemande Strafgesetzbuch fur das Konigreich Italien.
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For instance, according to paragraph 249 of the German Strafgesetzbuch, the court may determine that the conduct corresponds to crime definitions different from those suggested by the prosecution.
See Strafgesetzbuch [Criminal Code] (Germany) [section] 240, where there is up to five years' imprisonment for compelling another into marriage 'by force or threat of serious harm'; General Civil Penal Code (Norway) s 222(2), which specifies an imprisonable offence of forced marriage, of up to 6 years; Penal Code (Belgium) art 391, which provides that there is an offence if a person 'by violence or threats forces someone into marriage'.
Nach dem Strafgesetzbuch fur die Preubischen Staaten wird der Mord "mit dem Tode bestraft.
In German sentencing, the Geldstrafe (fine), along with a custodial sentence, are the two principal sanctions imposed under the German Strafgesetzbuch (Criminal Code).
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