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StPOStrafprozessordnung (German: code of criminal procedure)
StPOSewage Treatment Plant Operator
StPOStrategic Targets Product Office
StPOSpace-Time Power Optimization
StPOShort-Term Power Output (exercise)
StPOSpatial-Temporal Potentials Organization
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A significant area of knowledge relevant to persons in the institutions of confinement is the GESETZ UND RECHT domain, which has such conceptual content in the SPD (STRAFTAT, STRAFPROZESSORDNUNG, FREIHEITSSTRAFE and WIEDEREINGLIEDERUNG:
2010) (discussing in general terms the appellate practice in England and Wales, and practice at the Court of Appeals): STRAFPROZESSORDNUNG [STPO] [CODE OF CRIMINAL PROCEDURE], [section][section]312 (providing for appeal), 349(5) (setting out procedures for dismissal without hearing).
(109) Strafprozessordnung [StPO] [Code of Criminal Procedure] April 7,1987, BGBl I at 1074,1319, as amended, [section] 153(a) [Code of Criminal Procedure].
(31.) See id.; see also LUTZ MEYER-GOSSNER, STRAFPROZESSORDNUNG, at xxxviii (48th ed.
There is only one (federal) Code of Criminal Law (Strafgesetzbuch, StGB) and one (federal) Code of Criminal Procedure (Strafprozessordnung, StPO).
(80) StGB [section] 47; Strafprozessordnung [Criminal Procedure Code] (Germany) [section] 459f ('StPO').
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As a result, the unlimited principle of universal jurisdiction, in terms of substantive law, has been limited by the procedural norm of section 153f of the Criminal Procedure Code (Strafprozessordnung (CPC)):
Protonotarius Apostolicus - Strafprozessordnung. Berlin: Erich Schmidt, cols.