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STWSave the World
STWStation Wagon
STWStammwürze (German beer ingredient)
STWStavropol (Russia)
STWSchool To Work
STWSomething to Wear
STWStraight to Work (various organizations)
STWShock the World
STWSeize the World (epilepsy charity)
STWSpread the Word
STWSmart Term for Windows
STWSuper Touren Wagen
STWShare to Web
STWStore Word
STWSevern Trent Water (England)
STWStiffness to Weight (factor or index; bicycle frames)
STWSewage Treatment Works
STWStay That Way
STWShogun Total War (gaming)
STWSearch the Web (newsgroup slang, similar to RTFM)
STWStrike Warfare
STWStandards of Training and Watchkeeping
STWStorm the Walls (band)
STWShort Term Work
STWShare the Wealth
STWSave the Whales
STWStandardized Work
STWShallow Tube Well (irrigation)
STWSet To Work
STWSurface Transverse Wave
STWServo Track Writer
STWShooting Times Westerner
STWSpeed Through the Water
STWSheer to Waist
STWStormwind (gaming)
STWSamsung Techwin Co, Ltd (Korea)
STWSee Through Walls (US Army)
STWStrike Warfare Commander
STWShimura-Taniyama-Weil conjecture (mathematics)
STWSex Trade Worker
STWScrewTurn Wiki (ScrewTurn Software)
STWSir Terry Wogan
STWScientific and Technical Writing (various universities)
STWSubject to Weather
STWSway the Way (band)
STWSingle Track World (Mountain Bike Magazine & Forum)
STWStar Trek Welcommittee
STWSearch the Wiki
STWSpecialist Training Wing
STWSurveillance and Threat Warning
STWSpread to Worst
STWSet Top Wonder (ATI video card)
STWSONAR Trainer Workstation
STWScotland the What? (comedy trio)
STWSales to Wholesalers (Beer Industry)
STWSpecial Test Weight
STWSpam the Web
STWShear Transverse Wave (frequency resonance)
STWStanley Warner Corporation (stock symbol)
STWShot the Wiz (musician)
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Both have worked here before so they will be able to slot straight back in and get straight to work.
Teenagers will stay in education at least until the age of 18, or take a structured apprenticeship or training should they wish to go straight to work. Recognising that people no longer have "jobs for life" she announced a "lifelong skills guarantee" whereby anyone needing retraining or upskilling during their career would get it.
"I left school early many years ago and went straight to work but now I am retired with a bit more time on my hands and a few bob in the bank, I'm going to do a couple of night courses."
Craig Samson admits he just couldn't say no to Sunderland after getting straight to work in his new role.
Hemsworth, known for playing Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, headed straight to work after flying in over the weekend.
After putting her uniform on it's straight to work with plenty of scrubbing, making tea and learning how to do baby checks.
They allow our lifesavers to spot the risk and get straight to work to prevent a potential attack or drowning.
Regardless of whether they are considering college or university or a Modern or Graduate Apprenticeship, or want to go straight to work, a Foundation Apprenticeship can help them get there.
Pocari went straight to work in the fourth set, eager to erase the bitter taste of that disappointing second set, and put up an 8-2 lead at the start of the period.
Vet Laura "I drove him straight to work. He was in shock with a head injury and a large graze over his left shoulder, so we put him on an intravenous drip and gave him pain relief, antibiotics and sedation to help him relax.
2 Section is posted to a refugee camp near the border of Somalia and as soon as they pull into the camp Georgie jumps straight to work, when an IED explodes harming many refugees.
When Annette Gugel's children surprised her with the fabrics for Oak Leaf Cluster (Sept/Oct' 12) one Christmas, she went straight to work. She was inspired by the beautiful fall colors and wanted to try machine blanket stitching on her sewing machine.