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STTPSyndicat des Travailleurs et Travailleuses des Postes (Canadian Union of Postal Workers)
STTPSpeak Truth to Power (Quaker saying)
STTPShort Term Training Program
STTPStraight To the Point
STTPsodium tripoly phosphate
STTPSource-Term Test Program
STTPSolar Terrestrial Theory Program
STTPSuper Turbo Tango Patcher (Windows OS Icon Patcher)
STTPSuper Turbo Turkey Puncher (minigame inside Doom 3)
STTPSouthend Teacher Training Partnership (Essex, England)
STTPSpace Technology Training Program
STTPStrategy to Task to Technology Process/Panel
STTPSpace-Time Transmit Pre-Coding
STTPSoftware Technology Training Program
STTPSmall Technology Transfer Program (small business)
References in classic literature ?
"He's not worth your grieving over him," pursued Darya Alexandrovna, coming straight to the point.
For here, if one can't talk clearly, and straight to the point, they send him to Rigmarole Town; while Uncle Sam lets him roam around wild and free, to torture innocent people."
"I should be glad," I replied, "if we could come straight to the point. Probably you are referring to my encounter of today with a German?"
They were the questions of a thoroughly clear-headed man -- short, searching, and straight to the point. In less than half an hour's time he had made himself acquainted with every incident that had happened in Vauxhall Walk.
They go straight to the point. For them, it is not a question of showing that Pushkin is stupid, or that Russia must be torn in pieces.
"You have done well, Harris; this report is concise, compact, well expressed; the language is crisp, the descriptions are vivid and not needlessly elaborated; your report goes straight to the point, attends strictly to business, and doesn't fool around.
Having, by this open declaration of his feelings, quite precluded himself from offering Nicholas any cautious worldly advice (which had been his first intention), Mr Noggs went straight to the point.
He spoke straight to the point but in the usual respectful manner.
de Treville judged that he had not to deal with a fool, and changing the conversation, came straight to the point.
One went straight to the point then, and at the end of every path there was immediately visible, without thickets and without turnings; the wheel, the gibbet, or the pillory.
"Now, then, what is it?" she said, coming straight to the point.
Lady Lundie, as a good Protestant, lifts her hands in horror--declares the topic to be too painful to dwell on--and, by way of varying it, goes straight to the point at last.