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SAJSki Association of Japan
SAJStepfamily Association of Japan (est. 2001)
SAJSociety for the Advancement of Judaism
SAJShipbuilders' Association of Japan (est. 1947)
SAJService de l'Aide à la Jeunesse (French)
SAJService des Affaires Juridiques (French: Department of Legal Affairs)
SAJSoundscape Association of Japan
SAJScout Association of Japan (Tokyo, Japan)
SAJStraight-Ahead Jazz (music genre)
SAJSyarikat Air Johor Holdings Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
SAJService Animation Jeunes (French: Youth Animation Services)
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The music showcases many different genres, from straight-ahead jazz to 70's jazz-fusion, allowing the players to stretch their imaginations both singularly and collectively.
His restless musical soul has taken him from straight-ahead jazz through funk, acid jazz and hip-hop across an astonishing 91 albums.
In the early 1980s I was getting fed up with the fact that jazz didn't have the spirt of jazz any more so I decided to put on a straight-ahead jazz concert in 1984," says Jim, who was a trumpet player with 1960s band The Locomotive.
Glausi (trumpet, flugelhorn), Josh Hettwer (tenor sax, clarinet), Torrey Newhart (keyboard), Sean Peterson (bass) and Adam Carlson (drums) offer original compositions and straight-ahead jazz.
Jim Simpson, owner of Big Bear Music, added: "This promises to be a fun weekend with lots of straight-ahead jazz and blues in a relaxed setting with stages just a few minutes apart.
Einarsson is an awardwinning musician who has released 15 records, and whose original scores cover multiple fields and genres, including straight-ahead jazz, Nordic ballads, Latin jazz, and poetry.
P in 1982, Reel Life finds the legendary tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins working with a quintet in a bright, almost poppy mode, with elements of funk and soul coloring the straight-ahead jazz structure of the tunes.
Then there's free, or improvisational, jazz and - I confess a new one to me - straight-ahead jazz.
George Faison's 1971 Suite Otis, another new production, is an entertaining, straight-ahead jazz interpretation of Otis Redding's greatest hits for six couples in pink and red outfits (by Faison).
MA, with Tom on tenor sax, Ross Stanley on keyboards and Dave Smith on percussion, mix elements from Milesian fusion, free and more straight-ahead jazz into a seething brew of sound in which texture is at least as important as rhythm or groove.
Our strong suit is straight-ahead jazz of the past four or five decades, with a good assortment of new releases," Seymour says.
Over the past two decades, he's dabbled in relatively straight-ahead jazz (with Charlie Haden), avant-rock (Thurston Moore, Mike Watt) and roots (Carla Bozulich of Geraldine Fibbers).