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STRATFORStrategic Forecasting, Inc. (Austin, TX)
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For the European Union, the standoff adds yet another notch to its deteriorating ties with Turkey, Stratfor said, but the bloc was unlikely to introduce any meaningful sanctions against the country, especially as the EU will need to maintain some degree of cooperation with Ankara to keep migration flows under control.
This, in turn, could force Russia to focus more on bolstering ties with one of Armenia's biggest nemeses, Azerbaijan, Stratfor analysts believe.
According to the same Stratfor analysis: "Many of the loans that fund the projects, for instance, favor China at the cost of the borrowing countries, raising the chances of default, which Beijing can then turn to its further advantage.
'Because Modi is positioning himself as a candidate dedicated to fixing the nation's security troubles ahead of 2019 elections, this means he will revert to a tougher approach against the insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir, hence his party's break with the PDP,' the Stratfor note explained.
"The gathering is a rare occurrence -the last time three US aircraft carrier strike groups convened for a combined exercise was in 2007 - and will give the United States a powerful force within striking distance of North Korea," Stratfor said.
In regard to this issue, Stratfor writes as follows:
"Those 'who can take advantage of the global economy' are clearly benefiting from globalization and tend to cluster in the same clubs, colleges and communities," writes Jay Ogilvy for Stratfor, referring to an argument made by Charles Murray.
Stratfor released satellite images dated from May 14 and May 17, implying that the damage to the T-4 base, also known as Tiyas, was caused in that time.
He was an academic and later chairman and founder of Stratfor, a private intelligence agency concentrating on geo-political and geo-strategic analysis.
Oil-rich Kuwait imports between 3.75 billion and 4 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas each year to run its power plants, according to Matthew Bey, an energy analyst at Stratfor Enterprises LLC in Austin, Texas.
"After investing hundreds of billions of dollars in their air forces over the past two decades, GCC states now operate some of the most sophisticated aircraft exported by the United States and Europe," the US global security consultancy Stratfor observed recently.
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