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SJPBStrathclyde Joint Police Board (Scotland)
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Rooney, also convener of Strathclyde Joint Police Board and a Glasgow City Councillor, blamed his other commitments.
Councillor Paul Rooney, convener of Strathclyde Joint Police Board, said: "When Stephen was interviewed, he brought some really fresh and progressive ideas for the future of Strathclyde Police.
Strathclyde Joint Police Board selecteed him and the appointment has been approved by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill.
STRATHCLYDE Joint Police Board is looking for repair of computer equipment and peripherals.
Rae's report to the Strathclyde Joint Police Board said: "The main part of this overspend relates to overtime (pounds 1.98million).
The Strathclyde Joint Police Board yesterday agreed to petition the Executive for a public review of the circumstances leading to the out-of-court settlement.
Mr Rae told Strathclyde Joint Police Board: "Glasgow, by comparison to other city centres, is one of the safest.
A report by Chief Constable William Rae will go before members of the Strathclyde Joint Police Board on Tuesday.
Their plan was backed by the Strathclyde joint police board earlier this month.
Strathclyde Joint Police Board selected him to succeed Sir John Orr.
A spokesman for Strathclyde Joint Police Board refused to name any of the candidates.
All fingerprint experts in the Scottish Criminal Records Office are subject to Strathclyde Joint Police Board Conditions of Service for Force Support Officers.
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