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SCTPStream Control Transmission Protocol (IETF)
SCTPScholastic Clay Target Program (various locations)
SCTPStream Control Transport Protocol (IETF)
SCTPStream Control Transport Protocol
SCTPStream Control Transmission Protocol
SCTPScreened Twisted Pairs
SCTPScreened Twisted Pair
SCTPSimple Control Transmission Protocol
SCTPShape-Controlled Traffic Pattern
SCTPSumatran Tiger Conservation Program
SCTPSteer Channel Tire Pressure
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An implementation-specific API for the Stream Control Transmission Protocol on Solaris
The Stream Control Transmission Protocol is a new IP transport protocol, existing at an equivalent level with Transmission Control Protocol and User Datagram Protocol.
M3UA uses the services of the stream control transmission protocol (SCTP) for transporting its messages.
Future network operator developments include the incorporation of additional IP protocols, including stream control transmission protocol, message transfer part two-user adaptation layer, MTP three-user adaptation layer, MGCP and SIP into networks.