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STRFStream Format
STRFStudent Tuition Recovery Fund
STRFScience and Technologies of Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia)
STRFSpectro-Temporal Receptive Field (auditory system)
STRFStrafe (US Air Force)
STRFSouth Texas Research Facility (University of Texas; San Antonio, TX)
STRFShort-Term Redemption Fee (finance)
STRFStorage Tank Registration Form (Florida Department of Environmental Protection)
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With people consuming live feeds in a big way given the success of the likes of BuzzFeed's morning show, it made sense for us to bring the current social conversations among Arab millennials in a curated live stream format. Since the platform in the region is Arabic, the show will be in Arabic."
Specifically, with the command that follows, you're telling FFmpeg to send the longvideo file (-i longvideo.mp4) at its native frame rate (-re) without transcoding (-codec copy) in the MPEG transport stream format (-f mpegts) to the UDP address/port of the server (udp://
Whether it's HD, 4K/UHD or a mix of media types, SAM's cutting-edge IP routing system works with any multi-cast stream format, compliant with SMPTE 2022-6 and 7, TR-03 and TR-04."
The new application enables Juniper Media Flow Solution to perform the stream segmentation, packaging, metadata publishing and adaptive stream format translation required for adaptive bit-rate delivery.
In true transcoding, the bit stream format of one file is changed from one to another without its undergoing another complete decoding and encoding process.
As in the Ingest SIP-to-AIP conversion, there is no requirement for content stream format to remain constant during the AIP-to-DIP conversion.
Instead of static locations, he said data should be stored in a time-sensitive stream format, whereby the latest information is most easily accessible near the top.
MMICAD LAYOUT is based on the hierarchical CALMA GDS II Stream format. The software both imports and exports data in this industry-standard binary format as well as AUTOCAD versions 12 and 14 DXF, HPGL, IGES, EXCELLON NC and GERBER formats.
Report management from the major content management vendors typically involves converting data in mainframe or host-based print stream formats, once stored in computer output to laser disc (COLD) systems, to other formats--most commonly PDF--on a day-forward basis.
- Enabling end users to extract and combine data from databases, flat file systems, and enclosed within proprietary print stream formats (e.g.