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STREMSyndicat des Travailleurs de la Recherche Extra-Métropolitaine (French: Workers Union of Extra-Metropolitan Research)
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Strem has taken over as branch manager at the Russell and Fort Apache branch located at 5720 S Fort Apache Road.
Strem Chemicals Award for Pure or Applied Inorganic Chemistry
Strem Chemicals' mission is to provide specialty chemicals of high purity in a timely fashion.
Hy benadruk dat op bepaalde tye in die geskiedenis spesifieke maatskaplike faktore sentraal staan en die kreatiwiteit en die status van 'n digter in werklikheid (kan) strem en/of stuur.
Wanneer hy hierdie nuwe begin maak deur vir Christine te se, "My naam is Christian" (538), weerklink Evelyn Waugh se woorde weliswaar steeds dat "ek" nie werklik "ek" is nie, maar die slotmotto van Leonard Cohen suggereer dat die liefde ("a love so vast and shattered / It will reach you everywhere") postmodernistiese ironie en vervalsing sal kan oorkom of ten minste sal kan strem.
Jan Strem and LarryShivers are named Nat'l Products Reps.
In the simplest case, this means that for a twisted quartz crystal with a cross-section measuring 1 x 1 cm (not yet developed into the tabular gwindel habit--the ratio of height to thickness is 1), the amount of twist would be about 4[degrees], but as the gwindel elongates vertically into the typical tabular shape its ratio of height to width increases along with the total amount of twist; the most extreme case observed by Gautron and Zorz is a gwindel from Val Strem, Graubunden, Switzerland measuring 21 times taller than it is thick, with an amazing 84[degrees] of twist.
George Strem aptly characterized Camus's relationship with Dostoevsky as being not just a matter of simple influence, but an 'intellectual intoxication, a life-time attraction, due to a genuine and deep affinity'.
William Sedlacek of Noveon; Nick Shackley of Cambrex Pharma & Biopharmaceuticals business in North America and Michael Strem of Strem Chemicals.
This strem yow ledeth to the sorweful were There as the fish in prysoun is al drye; Th'eschewing is only the remedye
Metro Philadelphia yard superintendent John Strem told the Philadelphia Inquirer that the new government contract allows the yard to retain the workforce it has trained from breaking three other U.