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STCSomerset Trust Company (Somerset, PA)
STCSociety for Technical Communication
STCSupplemental Type Certificate (FAA)
STCSound Transmission Class
STCSouth Texas College
STCSoon to Come
STCStrengthen the Church (United Church of Christ)
STCSubject to Change
STCSydney Theatre Company (Sydney, Australia)
STCStandard Test Conditions
STCSoftware Training Center (various locations)
STCSkills Training Center (various organizations)
STCService Training Course (various organizations)
STCSurf the Channel (website)
STCSacramento Theatre Company (Sacramento, CA)
STCSydney Turf Club (Sydney, Australia)
STCSecondary Tax on Companies (South Africa)
STCState Trading Company (various locations)
STCSchlumberger Technology Corporation (various locations)
STCSingapore Turf Club
STCState Tax Credit (various locations)
STCSoutheastern Technical College (Glennville, GA)
STCSonic the Comic
STCScience and Technology Committee (various organizations)
STCSustainable Tourism Conference
STCSaint Charles
STCSwitzerland Travel Centre (est. 1998; Zurich, Switzerland)
STCSpecialized Technical Committees (African Union)
STCSpecial Terms and Conditions (various organizations)
STCState Trading Corporation
STCSystem Timing Controller
STCSms to Call
STCShort Timeout Confirmation
STCSet Carry
STCSub Technical Committee
STCServing Test Center
STCStore Conditions
STCSuper Touring Car
STCSteering Torque Control
STCSchool To Career
STCSubject to Contract
STCSoftware Testing Conference (international conference)
STCSensitivity Time Control
STCState Technical Committee
STCStaff Training College (India)
STCSavannah Technical College
STCSave the Cord (foundation)
STCStatistics Canada
STCSchool Test Coordinator (various locations)
STCSuccess through Collaboration (various organizations)
STCScience and Technology Center (UC Berkeley)
STCSaid to Contain (description of cargo)
STCStandard Trading Conditions
STCState Transportation Commission (various locations)
STCStudent Technology Center
STCSpace-Time Coding
STCSet Carry Flag
STCSamuel Taylor Coleridge (English poet; 1772-1834)
STCScience and Technology for Children (National Science Resources Center)
STCScheepvaart en Transport College
STCState Coordinator
STCStability and Traction Control
STCSound Transmission Coefficient
STCSmall-Scale Technology Certificate (renewable energy; Australia)
STCState Textbook Committee (Oklahoma Department of Education)
STCSaskatchewan Transportation Company
STCSystem Time Clock (MPEG systems)
STCSynthetic Turf Council (Atlanta, Georgia)
STCScarborough Town Centre (Toronto, Ontario)
STCSpecial Teams Coach (football)
STCService Type Code (USPS)
STCStrength Training Center (various locations)
STCSlow Train Coming (Bob Dylan album)
STCSilicon Tetrachloride
STCSlow Transit Constipation
STCSoftware Technology Conference
STCSociety of Telecommunications Consultants
STCSaudi Telecommunication Company
STCSupplementary Type Certificate (FAA)
STCSpace-Time Continuum
STCShort-Term Compensation
STCSecurities Trading Corporation (various locations)
STCStewart Title of California (insurance company)
STCSenate Transportation Committee (various locations)
STCSoft Tissue Calcification (pathological condition)
STCState Transport Corporation (India)
STCSomerset Total Communication (Somerset, UK)
STCSemiconductor Test Consortium
STCStudent Technology Conference
STCSequence-Tagged Connector (biochemistry)
STCShade Tree Committee (various organizations)
STCSimulated Treatment Comparison (clinical trials; statistical method)
STCStrike Command (UK)
STCShort-Term Consultant
STCScalable Trusted Computing
STCSolid Tantalum Capacitor
STCSoftail Custom (Harley-Davidson model)
STCShock Trauma Center (University of Maryland Medical Center; Baltimore, MD)
STCStone The Crows (band)
STCSimpson Timber Company
STCSemivariogram Textural Classifier
STCSHAPE Technical Centre (The Hague, The Netherlands)
STCShort Title Catalog (early UK texts)
STCSecuring the Cities (collaborative government program)
STCStirling Technology Company
STCScience Teaching Center
STCSpring Technical Conference (annual)
STCSociety of Toxicology of Canada
STCSecond-Tier City
STCSatellite Test Center
STCStar Trek: Continuum (newsgroups)
STCStorage Tank Compliance (environmental protection)
STCSub-Technical Committee
STCSaint Cloud, MN, USA - Saint Cloud (Airport Code)
STCStandard Transportation Commodity
STCSmith Telecommunication Center (Brigham Young University Iowa)
STCSterling Trust Company (Waco, TX)
STCSpacecraft Technology Center
STCSystems Test Complex (US NASA)
STCSaudi Telecommunications Co.
STCSustainable Tourism Center (various locations)
STCSlew To Cue (Army)
STCSelf-Tuning Control
STCShared Technologies Cellular
STCSociété de Toxicologie Clinique (French: Society of Toxicology Clinics; France)
STCSoftware Technology Center
STCSuperconductivity Technology Center (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
STCShort Term Camp (Thailand)
STCSoldering Technology Committee
STCShort Time Constant
STCStar Tracker Camera (astronomy)
STCSpamtec (rap group)
STCStandard Telephone Cables
STCSaudi Telephone Company
STCSummer Technology Camp (various locations)
STCSubject to Collection
STCShawnee Trails Council (Boy Scouts of America)
STCStandard Transmission Code
STCSpace Technology Center
STCSound Track Channel (TV)
STCStandard Template Construct (gaming, Warhammer 40k)
STCSelf-Timed Circuit
STCStart to Crate
STCSocio-Technical Congruence
STCSatyam Technology Centre (India)
STCSail Training Craft
STCSales to Consumers (Beer Industry)
STCStandard Telegraphic Code (for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters)
STCSchool Teaching Committee (UK)
STCSumitomo Titanium Corporation (Japan)
STCSaint Theresa's College (Philippines)
STCSingle Trip Container
STCSet Top Computer
STCSatellite Teleregistration Center (US FEMA)
STCSpace Traffic Control
STCSustainable Transport Charity (UK)
STCSlow Time Controls (chess)
STCSuperior Technical Ceramics, Corp.
STCService Test Center (Alcatel)
STCSteam Temperature Control
STCSatellite Television Corporation
STCShort Time Current (transformers)
STCSaint Thomas College (Sri Lanka)
STCSyndicat des Travailleurs Corse (French: Union of Corsican Workers; France)
STCService Transformation Committee (Canada)
STCSoftware Trace Cache (algorithm)
STCSurface Technology Corporation (France)
STCSequential Turbo-Charging (diesel engine for marine propulsion)
STCStandard Time Controls (chess)
STCSatellite Training Center
STCStriving to Comprehend (band)
STCSmart Transporter Chip
STCSudbury Theatre Center
STCSmall Tenders Committee
STCStorms to Come (band)
STCStandard Test Cell (measurement device)
STCSelf-Testing Checker
STCChief Sonar Technician (US Navy rating)
STCSpacecraft Test Conductor (US NASA)
STCSystem Test Computer
STCSenior Tactical Commander
STCSystem Test Console
STCSystem Test Controller
STCSystem Technical Control
STCSwayzee Telephone Company
STCSolution Test Center (California)
STCService Transport Combiné (French: Combined Transport Service; France)
STCSpeed Truck Challenge (racing)
STCSCAN transposition cipher
STCSpudgun Technology Center
STCSound Transmission Coefficent
STCSecondary Telecommunications Center
STCScared the Cat
STCSinging to the Choir
STCSlue To Cue
STCStorage Technology Incorporated
STCSoftware Technology for Computers
STCSpecial Topic Committee
STCShipboard Tactical Communications (US Navy)
STCSpectral Transmittance Curve
STCSealed Toolless Connector (module)
STCSignal Terminal Cabinet
STCSingle Trunk Customer
STCSkew-Tolerant Circuit
STCShort Thread Casing (tubing)
STCSun Tuning Club (France)
STCSustainable Tourism Criteria Initiative
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Pope Shenouda, the Coptic Orthodox Pope of Alexandria, promoted iftar meals to strengthen the church's connection with the Egyptian nation.
The Benevolence Offering will be donated to the United Church of Christ's "Strengthen the Church" special mission offering.
"The more the Holy Spirit will strengthen the Church and her leaders," he said.
The above mentioned paradigm shifts can strengthen the Church in India.
We will work together as a team to grow and strengthen the Church as it serves the communities of Wales and helps build the kingdom of God."
He maintained that attacks from outside will never weaken but will only strengthen the Church.
Never once had he been asked to contribute that expertise to strengthen the church, until he was encouraged to do so through the network of the Leadership Roundtable, which is really a matchmaker of talent with need.
Looking past the often painful question of where that wealth came from, as well as Jesus' demand that his disciples give it all up, Christian writers stressed the ways it could be used to help and strengthen the Church. In the larger cities, charity was no longer extended just to the destitute, but to all the poor and even to ordinary people who had fallen on hard times.
or a family." He saw "a robust business department in a liberal arts setting as a way to strengthen the church," (120) a view not always shared by colleagues who held business studies in low regard.
"I think he is a good man, he would be a fine leader to help strengthen the Church. I am praying for him," said 69-year-old parishioner Maria Bettini, after attending the mass.
The signers "strongly encourage" the church to "remain present and committed to bearing witness to the liberating power of the gospel in the African American community"; keep black Catholic ministry diocesan offices open; keep Catholic schools in the black community open; and renew and strengthen the church's commitment to encourage and nurture African-American vocations to the church.
Qazzi also stressed on enacting reforms in the Maronite Church on various levels, in order to strengthen the church's role in Lebanon.