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SIFServiço de Inspeção Federal (Portuguese: Federal Inspection Service; Brazil)
SIFSupervised Injection Facility (drug care facility)
SIFStatens Institut for Folkesundhed (Danish: National Institute of Public Health)
SIFSelect Income Fund
SIFSchools Interoperability Framework
SIFSetup Information File
SIFSolid Interchange Format
SIFSignaling Information Field
SIFSynchronous Intermediate Form
SIFSource Intermediate Format
SIFStandard Image Format
SIFStatus Information Frame
SIFScroll Information
SIFSetup Installation File
SIFStress Intensification Factor (pipes)
SIFSecond Injury Fund (compensation insurance; various locations)
SIFSpecial Investment Fund (various locations)
SIFSocial Investment Forum
SIFSingapore International Foundation
SIFStandard Interchange Format
SIFSignificant Influence Function (corporate governance)
SIFStrategic Innovation Fund (various locations)
SIFSafety Instrumented Function
SIFState Insurance Fund (Puerto Rican government agency)
SIFSubsequent Injury Fund (various locations)
SIFStress Intensity Factor
SIFSelective Identification Feature
SIFSons of Italy Foundation
SIFSvenska Industritjänstemannaförbundet (Swedish Industrial Workers Union)
SIFSource Input Format
SIFSchool Improvement Fund (various organizations)
SIFStrategic Infrastructure Fund (various locations)
SIFSound Intermediate Frequency
SIFStructural Integrity Field (Star Trek)
SIFSerious Injury Frequency
SIFStore Integration Framework (middleware; IBM)
SIFSeat In Front
SIFState Investment Fund
SIFSecours Islamique France (French: Islamic Relief France; est. 1992)
SIFStateful Inspection Firewall
SIFSONET Interoperability Forum
SIFSettlement in Full
SIFStudent International Forum (various locations)
SIFStandard Infant Formula
SIFSystems Integration Facility
SIFSecondary Infertility
SIFSupposedly Irrelevant Factor (economics)
SIFService Information Field
SIFShort Interframe Space (networking)
SIFSSDB Interchange Format
SIFSilkeborg If Fodbold (Danish soccer club)
SIFSecret Internet Fatty
SIFSecurity Information File
SIFSystèmes d'Information Fluviale (French: River Information System)
SIFSource Image Format
SIFSignal Information Field
SIFSpinal Injury Foundation (Westminster, CO)
SIFStumpy Induction Factor
SIFStandard Simulator Database Interchange Format
SIFSignaux, Images et Formes (French: Signals, Images and Forms; signal processing)
SIFSOGS Integration Facility
SIFSecurity Issues Forum
SIFScientific Instrument Formatter (NASA)
SIFSilent Installation File (Microsoft)
SIFStandard Interchange Facilities
SIFSACDIN System Integration Facility
SIFSpecial Instruction Form
SIFSoftware Input Form
SIFSurface Inlaid Fibre
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After a conventional analysis was done using idealized geometry and using a safety factor of 3 for strength, an initial semi-elliptical crack was introduced to determine the stress intensity factor of the crack-tip and the minimum fracture toughness value required for a safety factor of 3 (Fig.
Steel's CS500 threshold stress intensity factor (Fig.
The present theoretical study focuses on stress intensity factor in RC beam with double incline notches to determine the critical crack length and the fracture toughness in a shear crack.
The test procedure and data evaluation followed the ESIS TC 4 test protocol [46], with the stress intensity factor range [DELTA] K calculated according Eq.
In this paper, the distributions of the mode I and mode II stress intensity factor solutions along the fronts of the pre-existing cracks of continuous and discontinuous gas metal arc welds in lap-shear specimens are investigated by three-dimensional finite element analyses.
Fracture characteristic of concrete is determined by stress intensity factor, [K.
Cracks at elliptical holes: stress intensity factor and finite fracture mechanics solution," Eur.
infinity]] is the apparent stress intensity factor measured from the applied loads as if the CS test specimen were homogeneous (made of one material, like CT specimen).
When wing cracks just initiate, they are pure II ruptures with the stress intensity factor presented as follows:
The main point of equation (4) is that the elastic strain energy contributed by the stress singularity at the crack tip is a finite number depending on the stress intensity factor K and the size of the volume element surrounding the crack tip, i.
The reason for flaw acceptance criteria has been discussed in recent articles, where it was shown that the stress intensity factor (SIF ([K.