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The role of the C-terminal domain in collagenase and stromelysin specificity.
The correlation between invasive tumoral behavior and the expression of stromelysins is suggested by variable MMP3 and MMP10 expression in transformed rat embryo cell lines.
Induction of stromelysin gene expression by tumor necrosis factor alpha is inhibited by dexamethasone, salicylate and N-acetylcysteine in synovial fibroblast.
decreased platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF); decreased basic fibroblast growth factor (b-FGF); increased keratan sulfate; increased stromelysin; increased ratio of stromelysin to tissue inhibitor of metalloproteases (TIMP); increased osteocalcin; increased alkaline phosphatase; increased cAMP responsive to hormone challenge; increased urokinase plasminogen activator; increased cartilage oligomeric matrix protein; and increased collagenase.
Gingival crevicular stromelysin, collagenase and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase levels in healthy and diseased sites.
Lohmander LS, Hoerrner LA, Dahlberg L, et al: Stromelysin, tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases and proteoglycan fragments in human knee joint fluid after injury.
Immunohistochemistry for stromelysin 3, a member of the matrix metalloproteinase family, MMP-11, has also been studied in at least 6 separate studies (46,238,251-254) with similar outcomes.
Thus, ginsenoside Rd showed inhibitory effects towards a collagenase, a gelatinase, and a stromelysin.
Activation of monocyte/macrophage functions related to acute atheroma complication by ligation of CD40: induction of collagenase, stromelysin, and tissue factor.