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SARMSet Asynchronous Response Mode
SARMSelective Androgen Receptor Modulator
SARMSaskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities
SARMSet Asynchronous Response Mode (HDLC)
SARMSiebel Application Response Measurement
SARMStrong ARM (processor)
SARMDepartment for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (Armenia)
SARMSouthern Appalachia Railway Museum (Oak Ridge, Tennessee)
SARMSecurity Assistance Resource Management (US DoD)
SARMStrategic Architecture Reference Model
SARMSecurity and Risk Management
SARMSquadron Aviation Resource Management (USAF)
SARMSouthern Appalachian Radio Museum (Asheville, NC)
SARMStaphylococcus aureus résistant à la méthiciline (French)
SARMSouth African Reference Materials
SARMSpatial Auto Regressive Model
SARMStudent Activities Revenue Management
SARMStandard Analytical Reference Materials
SARMSustainable Aggregate Resource Management
SARMStandard Anti-Radiation Missile
SARMService Activation Request Manager
SARMSearch and Rescue Memory
SARMSafety Analysis and Risk Management
SARMSolar Array Release Mechanism
SARMSecond Aspartic Rich Motif
SARMSan Antonio Rescue Mission (San Antonio, TX)
SARMSituational Awareness and Resource Management (Training Development)
SARMSterile A and HEAT (Hydroxyphenyl-Ethyl-Aminomethyl-Tetralone)-Armadillo Motifs (molecular biology)
SARMSpecial Administrative Region of Macao
SARMSummary Annual Reports (Sprint)
SARMSumter Anime Revolutionary Milita (South Carolina anime club)
References in classic literature ?
Motioning her to follow, Tarzan walked toward the trees at the edge of the arena, and taking her in one strong arm swung to the branches above.
'As I say, sir,' pompously went on the Mayor, 'the arm of the law is a strong arm, and a long arm.
Nearly all day he travelled without anything remarkable happening to him, at which he was in despair, for he was anxious to encounter some one at once upon whom to try the might of his strong arm.
'Where's--where's Dennis?' said Hugh, coming to a stop, and checking Barnaby with his strong arm. 'Where has he been all day?
Sheldon smiled and beat a further retreat within himself, listening the while to Joan and Tudor propounding the theory of the strong arm by which the white man ordered life among the lesser breeds.
That meant the nearness of war; the revolt of slaves; confusion ending in fire and flame through which she was borne safely in the strong arms of Pelagie, and carried to the log cabin which was still their home.
Abreast of the ape-man came the deer; a light-brown body shot from the concealing verdure of the bush, strong arms encircled the sleek neck of the young buck and powerful teeth fastened themselves in the soft flesh.
Just within the forest's edge, where he could yet watch the cliff tops, Tarzan laid his burden upon the grass, and going to the near-by rivulet brought water with which he bathed her face and hands; but even this did not revive her, and, greatly worried, he gathered the girl into his strong arms once more and hurried on toward the west.
The Growleywogs gave a shout of jeering laughter at this, and one of them caught the Nome in his strong arms and tossed him high into the air.
So Norman of Torn lifted her in his strong arms, and stumbled on through the darkness and the shrubbery down the center of the ravine.
Through half open lids she saw the sunlight filtering through the leafy canopy above her--she wondered at the realism of her dream; full consciousness returned and with it the conviction that she was in truth being held close by strong arms against a bosom that throbbed to the beating of a real heart.
Her once active limbs were so stiff and feeble that Jo took her for a daily airing about the house in her strong arms. Meg cheerfully blackened and burned her white hands cooking delicate messes for `the dear', while Amy, a loyal slave of the ring, celebrated her return by giving away as many of her treasures as she could prevail on her sisters to accept.