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SOJTSecond-Order Jahn-Teller (chemistry)
SOJTStructured On-The-Job Training
SOJTSupervised On the Job Training
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Co-ops are typically work-based learning models in which students are employed by local companies to obtain structured on-the-job training to complement the related instruction they are receiving in the classroom.
Using elements from the training programs surveyed, the managers designed the Hancock security training program in a way that combined classroom and structured on-the-job training.
A significant amount of research has shown Structured On-the-Job Training (SOJT) is a more efficient and effective method for training new employees (Alien; Dooley; Broadwell; Jacobs; Rothwell and Kazanas; Van Buren).
Structured On-the-Job Training is a cost-effective training method cooperatives can apply immediately.
Integrating Structured On-the-Job Training into the existing apprentice lineworker on-the-job training rotation program included:
The course introduced participants to basic adult learning theory, different learning and training styles, and Structured On-the-Job training methodology.
Using Structured On-The-Job Training (SOJT) will expedite the timeline and adds to the quality and effectiveness of the program.
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