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SAVEStop Abusive and Violent Environments (Rockville, MD)
SAVESociety Against Violence in Education (India)
SAVESystematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (US Immigration and Naturalization Service)
SAVESuicide Awareness Voices of Education
SAVEStudents Against Violence Everywhere (anti-bullying student organization)
SAVEState of the Art Audio Visual Equipment (California)
SAVEStruggle Against Violent Extremism
SAVECampus Sexual Violence Elimination Act of 2013
SAVEShareware Autoren Vereinigung
SAVESociety of American Value Engineers
SAVESpecific Actions for Vigorous Energy Efficiency (EU)
SAVESource Address Validity Enforcement Protocol
SAVESpoonbill Action Voluntary Echo
SAVESAARC Audio Visual Exchange
SAVESystem Availability Estimator
SAVESimulation Assessment Validation Environment
SAVEStudents Actively Volunteering for the Environment
SAVESisters Against Violent Extremism
SAVEStop Alcohol Violations Early
SAVEStudents Against the Violation of the Environment
SAVESensitive Activity Vulnerability Estimate
SAVESavings through Value Enhancement
SAVESisters Against Violence Europe
SAVEStudents Against A Violent Earth
SAVESystem Avionics Value Estimation
SAVEStatus Assistance & Verification Element
SAVEShortages And Valuable Excess
SAVESituation Analysis & Vulnerability Estimate
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THE struggle against violent extremism is far from over, the UK's most senior counter terrorism officer said last night.
In the middle of 2005, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Richard Myers, briefly attempted to have the 'GWOT' renamed the 'GSAVE'--the global struggle against violent extremism. Donald Rumsfeld also tried to shift the emphasis from the fight against terror to the struggle against extremism.
The intention of this article is to define terrorism and insurgency and give some insight into why communication and cultural awareness are important to the Intelligence Community and our struggle against violent extremism.
The frustration defense leaders are experiencing in this war, meanwhile, was made visible when officials announced they would re-label the so-called "global war on terrorism" to a "global struggle against violent extremism."
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Pakistan "stands at the front line of a struggle against violent extremism." She praised its recent military offensives against Taliban
It remains for Obama to decide what will happen to them, but transparency, due process and legality are some of the strongest weapons in the struggle against violent extremism. These perpetrators must be brought to justice for their actions and, as long as they are hidden away at Gitmo, that cannot happen.However, these men are a minority within a minority, and the Obama administration will have to show that terrorism emanating from the Muslim world cannot be defeated through traditional security measures alone.
Rumsfeld tried unsuccessfully to get the term ''war on terror'' changed to ''global struggle against violent extremism.''
"We stand with the people of Northern Nigeria in their struggle against violent extremism, and remain a committed partner of the government of Nigeria as it works to root out Boko Haram and associated groups," he added.
The partnership will also serve as ''the basis'' for continuing cooperation in the war against terrorism, struggle against violent extremism and for supporting Afghanistan's campaign to eradicate poppy cultivation, provide alternate livelihoods assistance and fight the production and tracking of drugs.