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SACHStruggle for Change (Pakistan)
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Do not forget, as Longfellow said, that we should never be like driven cattle, but be a hero in the strife.' Ninoy believed that the struggle for change comes with a hefty price to pay.
This resolve was demonstrated during a Regional Consultation organized by SACH - Struggle for change on 'legislative, administrative and policy measures to eradicate torture in Pakistan'.
Full cooperation with Usman Buzdar will continue and we will stand fully with Usman Buzdar in struggle for change.
He said he would keep contact with people permanently and the PTI had done a great struggle for change dreamed by the captain.
Ch Sarwar said that struggle for change was successfully moving ahead under the leadership of Imran Khan and the people would witness the change in the upcoming Senate polls.
Our losses notwithstanding, we all continue to struggle for change that will eventually deliver desired and necessary reforms.
Her work through Heartfile has impacted tremendously on the health of vulnerable groups in Pakistan' says Khalida for SACH, Struggle for Change.
Contributors from a number of professions and disciplines discuss the context of struggles for social justice in Canada and Mexico, the stories of struggle for change, and themes and theories in the struggles for justice.
KARAK -- Pakistan People's Party believes in constitutional struggle for change and resolved to pressurize the government on the floor of the parliament, claimed Chairman Provincial Organizing Committee Rahim Dad Khan, Senator Robina Khalid, former provincial finance minister Hamayun Khan, Provincial Information Secretary Farzand Ali Wazir and others while addressing the party convention on Monday at Karak.
The demonstrators with the Struggle for Change group were detained Tuesday when they marched to call for the release of two fellow members who were jailed a year ago.
While he praised cooperation of locals and university students, he said youth put demands like adopting attractive and enjoyable projects adorning the area to remember Yemenis' struggle for change. He confirmed that the local council has adopted aesthetics projects.
P say they are not bothered about whether they get the overall majority in the state or general elections but they will continue to struggle for change.