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Now comes Christian Lander with Stuff White People Like, a compilation of 150 one-page summaries of today's status markers, written in a tone of gentle derision.
Stuff White People Like is Jewish only in the sense, described by Yuri Slezkine in The Jewish Century, that we have all become a bit Jewish in the last 50 years.
Here, however, as with all the material in Stuff White People Like, you need to keep your irony detector switched on.
Stuff White People Like is in fact a work of autobiography.
The original Stuff White People Like website has generated many spin-offs.
Objections to the Stuff White People Like concept as racist are hopelessly wide of the mark, as witness #7, "Diversity," #8, "Barack Obama," and #14, "Having Black Friends.
Perhaps Stuff White People Like is one more melancholy milestone on the downhill road from the hopes for integration and racial harmony that were nursed by the generation of Lander's parents to the cold racial realism of 2042, when, according to the most recent report from the Census Bureau, white people will become a minority in the United States--just about the time that Lander's children's generation take power.
He broke the news that he had a forthcoming book by publishing an entry on Stuff White People Like titled, "Book Deals" (No.
In many ways, Stuff White People Like is speaking to a class divide as much as a racial one and is helping lay bare the ways in which the two interact and are often conflated.
But if Stuff White People Like isn't mocking all white folks--just those who are wealthy urbanites--what about people of color who fit that profile?
It is perhaps for this reason that Stuff White People Like has spawned a number of unaffiliated spin-off sites such as Stuff Educated Black People Like, Stuff Lesbians Like, and Stuff Asian People Like.
Some people will protest that Stuff White People Like is just a humor blog, and it need not be taken so seriously.