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SUARAMSuara Rakyat Malaysia (Malaysian human rights group)
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FORUM-ASIA and SUARAM reiterated their longstanding call for the Sedition Act to be abolished and joined the calls for a moratorium on the use of the Sedition Act, including arbitrary arrest, detention and prosecution.
Earlier this year, a French court started hearing a complaint launched by Suaram, accusing Prime Minister Najib Razak and others over a 2002 deal to buy two submarines from France.
The human rights group, Suaram receives financial support from Europe (Wong interview 2000), and on a regional level, human rights groups are working together in the framework of ASEAN (Kua interview 2000).
Nalini Elunalai from the human rights group Suaram told Kyodo News that 14 people who are members of the opposition Democratic Action Party were arrested Wednesday morning while they were distributing Malaysian flags to the public in Perak State in the north.
Human rights group Suaram also called for a full investigation.
Human rights group Suaram said that since May the government has freed 31 people from ISA detention, including suspected Indonesian JI members who were then deported.
Local human rights group Suaram also slammed the government.
In a drab suburb on the fringe of the Kuala Lumpur city center, his wife Noraini and two children, who have not seen or spoken to him in the last four years, have accepted his death as fated, Badaruddin Ismail, a social activist with a local human rights group Suaram, told Kyodo News.
But according to local human rights group Suaram, the three have not exhausted all avenues for appeal.
According to SUARAM, a local human rights body, police later raided Khairul's office and carted away boxes of books and disks about jailed former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.
Badaruddin Ismail, 56, a member of a local human rights group SUARAM, who had been held under the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) since April 26, walked out of the city police headquarters at about 2 p.
Local human rights body SUARAM called the latest arrests ''yet another slap to democracy.