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SNGSylloge Nummorum Graecorum (Latin; British Academy numismatic research project; UK)
SNGSit-N-Go (online poker tournament type)
SNGScottish National Gallery (UK)
SNGSonda Nasogástrica (Spanish: Nasogastric Tube)
SNGSociété Nautique de Génève (French: Geneva Boating Society; Switzerland)
SNGSatellite News Gathering
SNGSlovenská Národná Galéria (Slovak: Slovak National Gallery)
SNGSynthetic Natural Gas
SNGSong File
SNGSpecial Needs Group (various organizations)
SNGSouthern Natural Gas (Birmingham, AL)
SNGSheyenne National Grassland (Dakota Prairie Grasslands; USFS)
SNGSnapp Norris Group (Salt Lake City public relations agency)
SNGSeward Neighborhood Group (Minnesota)
SNGSuper Nailgun (gaming)
SNGSub-National Government (political science)
SNGSecured Network Gateway
SNGSociété Nouvelle de Galvanoplastie (French: Society of New Electroplating)
SNGSociété Neuchâteloise de Géographie (French: Neuchâtel Society of Geography; Switzerland)
SNGShinjuku Nihongo Gakkô (Japanese school)
SNGSchlesinger, Newman, Goldman (Montreal accounting firm)
SNGSodruschestwo Nesawissimych Gossudarstw (Russian)
SNGSafety Not Guaranteed
SNGSubstitute/Synthetic Natural Gas
SNGSocial Networking Group
SNGSrpska Nacionalna Garda (Serbian National Guard)
SNGSomalia National Government
SNGSubject-Specific Notability Guideline (Wikimedia Foundation)
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The meeting was aimed at empowering sub-national government by transferring certain functions, decision-making powers and related resources from central government to sub-national government level.
'In 2017, we launched the SDGs report, the first for any sub-national government across the world and we did this through an event in the UN General Assembly.
Given that there has been a global trend towards devolution of powers to sub-national government, some of these agendas might be quite significant in the future.'
The latter act as representatives of the entire sub-national government sector in each provincial jurisdiction and engage directly in negotiations and bargaining with the central government.
In England, the complex and incoherent sub-national government needs radical reform.
Revenue decentralisation (RD) is measured as a ratio of the sub-national government's revenue to the total government revenue (national plus sub-national).
He discusses sovereign default probabilities and domestic and international risk transfers; political economy problems that arise in multi-level governments; rules to reduce deficit spending on the sub-national government level; the decision to provide financial bailout and its effect on the amount of deficit spending; the market for rating agencies and their business model; and the impact of fiscal policy variations on asset prices, using the example of Germany.
According to the president, the NPL ratio shrank by 10 basis points to 0.9% this year, with loans extended to sub-national government project financing vehicles remaining sound.
Table 2 Revenue structure of sub-national government in Austria, 2007 Austria, 2007, Gross Non-financial consolidated %of bn Euro (sector revenue revenue admin.
New Delhi, Mar 7 (ANI): India has 37 percent of women's representation in the Asia Pacific provincial and regional assemblies, which are the highest tier of sub-national government.
They argue that '[we] should have District Regulation to ensure the safe mobility of migrant workers at home and in the destination country to ensure the enforcement of the migrant workers' rights.' (2) The NGOs' operations are sometimes supported by government officials who believe that the monitoring of migrant workers' mobility in the destination country would not be effective without active participation of the sub-national government, mainly at the district level.
This increased coordination between USAID and IDLG will also improve the capacity of sub-national government institutions to coordinate local development programs and support greater participation of citizens in provincial development planning.