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SOSignificant Other
SOSistema Operativo (Italian: Operating System)
SOSpecial Order
SOSign Off
SOSecond Order
SOSales Order
SOServer Options
SOService Order
SOStandard Oil
SOSold Out
SOStudent Organization
SOSafety Office
SOStrike Out
SOStanding Order
SOSpecial Operations
SOSouthern Company (stock symbol)
SOSecurity Officer
SOSenior Officer
SOSafety Officer
SOSystem Operator
SOStar Ocean (video game)
SOSims Online (game)
SOSymphony Orchestra
SOStaff Officer
SOSpecial Olympics
SOShout Out (Internet slang)
SOSheriff's Office
SOStuck Open
SOStack Overflow
SOSecond Officer
SOShared Object (UNIX)
SOSouthampton (UK postal code)
SOStrategic Objective
SOService Object
SOSystems Operations
SOSystem Owner (US NIST)
SOSistema Operacional (Brazil: Operating System)
SOSerial Output
SOShaquille O'neal (NBA Player)
SOSolothurn (Soleure; Suisse Canton)
SOSystem Overload
SOStrung Out (band)
SOSchool's Out
SOSud-Ouest (French: south west)
SoSiehe Oben (German: see above)
SOScience Olympiad
SOStation Officer
SOSend Only
SOStaff Officer (commissioned Police Officer attached to Inspector-General of Police)
SOSpatial Orientation
SOSouthern Oscillation
SOSocket Outlet (British, electrical)
SOStrategic Outsourcing (IBM)
SOSales Out
SOScottish Office
SOSupply Officer
SOSud-Ovest (Italian: Southwest)
SOStation Operator
SOSupervisor's Office (USDA)
SOSuccessful Offeror
SOSystem Outage
SOSuperior Oblique (eye muscle)
SOSeller's Option
SOSea Organization (Scientology)
SOSwitching Office
SOSteward Observatory (University of Arizona)
SOSpecialist Operations
SOSensor Operator
SOSouthern Airways (airline)
SOSpecial Orthogonal (mathematics; group theory)
SOSafety Observer
SOSolid Optical
SOSlow Oxidative
SOSondrio, Lombardia (Italian province)
SOSans Opinion (French : No Preference)
SOSystem Overheat
SOStewardship Ontario (Canada)
SOSemantic Object
SOSector Outperform (investing)
SOService Observe
SODivision Staff Officer
SOShow of Oil (drilling reports)
SOSurface Operator (MFD)
SOStockage Objective(s)
SOSource of Orgasm
SOSynchronous Oscillator
SOSupporting Organization of ICANN
SOService Overseer (Jehovah's Witnesses)
SOSchriftelijke Overhoring
SOSolicitation Officer
SOSaneringsonderzoek (Dutch: soil remediation research)
SOStep Off Ministry
SOShipment/Shipping Order
SOSeige Onager (Age of Kings game)
SOSüdost/Südosten (German: South-East)
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There are three sub-optimal outlooks - 'disinterested', 'external' and 'imposed'.
A sub-optimal Weight Calculation (WC) model for UBSC system is proposed.
The smallest total normal strain or equivalent energy output has been registered in rectangular cantilever through the difference between optimal and sub-optimal segmentation outputs was the greatest in this bimorph cantilever setup.
Ward F had previously been visited in September 2010 and it was found to be of a sub-optimal standard of cleanliness.
As the CCDM programme has evolved from its first work with nurses and midwives, the data collected so far provides evidence that other health professionals, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers, along with play specialists and clerical staff, can have more work than they can reasonably achieve in the hours provided, resulting in omissions, delays, sub-optimal performance and inappropriate task delegation.
For scheduling of n products on one machine, we need reduce computation time by using heuristic algorithm that generally does not provide optimal solutions, but sub-optimal solutions, in the vicinity of optimal solution.
The project seeks to contribute to the solution of the problem of sub-optimal access to credit confronted by microentrepreneurs and low income individuals that live in rural and marginal urban areas in Haiti, by facilitating non-reimbursable technical cooperation resources for the institutional strengthening of FINCA, so that this microfinance institution (MFI) can improve its operations and continue providing services to this underserved segment of the population.
With impressively high yields even at sub-optimal levels of sunlight, Bosch Solar Energy's micromorph thin-film modules are also suited to the less sun-kissed regions of the world.
28 September 2010 - AstraZeneca UK, part of Anglo-Swedish pharma company AstraZeneca (LON: AZN, STO: AZN), said today it has obtained UK approval for Seroquel XL (Black Triangle Drug) (quetiapine prolonged release) as an add-on treatment of major depressive episodes in patients with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) who have had sub-optimal response to antidepressant monotherapy.
The ratings continue to reflect delays by the company in servicing its term loan; the delay has been caused by its weak liquidity and sub-optimal capacity utilisation.
Soil survey is an important tool in avoiding inappropriate or sub-optimal use of land and natural resources that could lead to waste of effort and money, and possible provocation of environmental destruction and degradation, Majid Al Mansouri, Secretary General of EAD, said.
Unfortunately, too many employees are making sub-optimal decisions about their health, which drives health care costs up and can negatively affect an individual's health status.