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In our study, subconjunctival hemorrhages in and/or dilation of the conjunctival and scleral vessels (described as red eyes) were the most common manifestation, followed by symptomatology suggestive ofconjunctivitis, then by unilateral red eye, ciliary flush, irregular pupil(s), which might suggest the symptomatology of anterior uveitis, and, lastly, unilateral vision loss with floaters, which might also suggest posterior segment involvement.
Rootman, "Primary localized conjunctival amyloidosis presenting with recurrence of subconjunctival hemorrhage," American Journal of Ophthalmology, vol.
In children under 24 months, the abuse diagnosis rates were 8.6% in cases of subconjunctival hemorrhage, 12.3% for genital injury, and 24.5% for abdominal trauma.
Ocular findings were present in 68 patients; of which, 55 (45.8%) [Figure 5] had subconjunctival hemorrhage as the most common anterior segment findings.
Subconjunctival hemorrhage may be caused by trauma to the eye, fragile conjunctival vessels, or bleeding disorders, and is a hemorrhage of the conjunctival veins (Leibowitz, 2000).
Bleeding complications among the LLDC group included 10 vascular access site hematomas, 3 gastrointestinal bleeds, 3 patients with hematuria, 2 retropertinoneal hemorrhages, 1 pulmonary hemorrhage, 1 vitreous hemorrhage, and 1 subconjunctival hemorrhage. Only 1 of the patients with gastrointestinal blood loss had documented thrombocytopenia.
(%) Finding of Cases Pingueculae 51 (18) Drusen on the Bruch membrane 18 (6) Calcified senile scleral plaques 8 (3) Melanocytic choroidal nevus 3 (1) Scar, chorioretinal/retinal 7 (3) Scar, corneal 5 (2) Retinal hemorrhage, minute 2 (<1) Conjunctivitis, chronic, focal 2 (<1) Subconjunctival hemorrhage, focal 2 (<1) Melanocytic iris nevus 1 (<1) Remnants of Bergmeister papillae 1 (<1) Conjunctival actinic elastosis 1 (<1) Corneal keratinization 1 (<1)
Further analysis of the subconjunctival hemorrhage rate showed that a statistically significant difference was not found between groups (RR 1.50, 95% CI 0.63-3.59, P = 0.36; [P.sub.heterogeneity] = 0.69, [I.sup.2] = 0%) (supplementary data file).
This case report aims to help ophthalmologists recognize subconjunctival hemorrhage due to diving activities, understand the reasons for this trauma, and present precautions to avert repeated traumas.
In present study, post-operatively graft edema occurred in 100% of cases, which resolved within 10-15 days, subconjunctival hemorrhage in 2.5% of cases due to inadvertent trauma to conjunctival vessels and inadequate hemostasis, tenon's granuloma in 5% of patients due to inadvertent removal of tenon's along with graft and suturing of graft only to adjacent conjunctiva not with episclera and graft rejection in 5% of cases.