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SMEESubject Matter Expert Exchange
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Army South's commitment to our partner nations and increase awareness of our collaborative efforts in the region, 2) convey that subject matter expert exchanges are a major component of the command's regional engagement efforts, and 3) communicate that strengthening relationships with partner nation armies through these exchanges will have lasting effects on the peace and stability of the region.
Therefore, the Armed Forces of the Philippines requested assistance from the MPTT, which subsequently conducted several physical security subject matter expert exchanges with the Marines.
The exercise provides valuable opportunities for both navies to learn and operate together at sea and foster professional dialogue during subject matter expert exchanges.
The Philippines and US, as longtime allies, conduct exercises and other bilateral activities regularly including the Balikatan, Southeast Asian Cooperation and Training (SEACAT), the Rim of the Pacific exercise (RIMPAC), the Asian Defense Ministers' Meeting (ADMM-Plus), and many other bilateral subject matter expert exchanges.
Southern Seas deployments focus on theater security cooperation and subject matter expert exchanges with South American navies.
The assistance came in the form of medical and dental civic action programs (Med/DenCAP), cooperative health engagements (CHE), engineering civic action programs (EnCAP), subject matter expert exchanges (SMEE), community relations (ComRel) activities and guided tours on board USNS Mercy hospital ship)
Equally important are subject matter expert exchanges, where those deploying with Mercy will work closely with personnel from the host and partner nations to learn from one another.
Throughout the months of June and July of 2016, participants of the missions will be conducting subject matter expert exchanges (SMEE) and activities on medical development.
participated in subject matter expert exchanges with partner nation Sailors in Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.
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