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Mr Bray notes that this list is 'subject to correction.'
So native layout files are produced in full view of and subject to correction by Telegraph staffers.
"I'm subject to correction but that took about six months to go through, something which had huge interest.
By citing animal and human dissections, observations contradicting Aristotle's natural descriptions and pointing to unknown species in the newly discovered lands, Aristotle's system was made subject to correction and amplification.
Mr Kinnock said she had raised issues which were already known and were subject to correction after a series of annual reports from the EU's Court of Auditors, which itself had complained in detail about some accounting practices.
Almost the entire bibliographic record, except for certain system-supplied data, such as OCLC number, date used, etc., is subject to correction.
Not unlike his successive self-portraits, our view of Courbet seems continuously subject to correction. We may now be accustomed to the idea that behind the peasant buffoon there lay a deeply serious artist.
A draft means, subject to correction. It was submitted, definitely to friendly forces, who were there to give you guidance or advice.